Sweetness and simplicity:

marguertieThe fifth flower presented to Mary in the Month of May is the simple marguerite.      It has many names,  sometimes called a daisy,  and many colors:  white,  yellow,  cream, pinks, purples, and shades of blue.

But all have this in common:  A center with petals that  flow out from the center.   Nothing more’  nothing hidden or complex.

You may look at Mary, the Mother of Jesus, from many angles;  you may study her;  you may learn from her.  But always she is the same,  attracting us to her by her simplicity.  She is exactly what you see.   In a sense, she is perfectly transparent – no hidden secrets and no unhappy surprises.

If you get her right,  then you will always get the right idea of Jesus, her Son.    Religious traditions who have ignored her have eventually gone astray in their knowledge of Christ.  Their Christology warps a little, and their knowledge of Christ lessens.

Mother of God?    Mother of Christ?    Well, yes.    That doesn’t lead us to her so much as it leads us to contemplate what her Son is.     What kind of woman can be the Mother of the Son of God?

Her faith, her purity,  her love,  her sweetness,  her simplicity — and more.   All these she was graced with by her Creator who is her own Son and Savior.    These qualities were given to her  — and all these beautiful “flowers”  tell us about what kind of Creator is the Giver of such beautiful and lovely things.

The more we know her,  the more we know our Savior.

marg doilyI wish I had the pattern for this.    It’s beautiful in its simplicity.

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