I’m in denial now.   A little spinning of the head;  a  little unspecific sick feeling;  foggy mind;  a body  too tired and sleepy.

butterfly away   Okay, and now a little fever.   Health flees like a bright pretty butterfly that I can’t quite catch up with, because it’s not mine right now.   I can’t write for long,  but I want to say something about something else that is spinning and fleeing. . . .

I start with this statement.   It might be out of logical order, but this is where I’m heading:    If you don’t know the facts, someone else will give you some facts —  and mandate that you believe them.    

And never before have we had such invasive and powerful electronic means to change the beliefs and attitudes of the public.  An example coming up in a minute.

I had brought to you before the principle that Truth is the correlation of the human mind with objective reality.   It’s the cornerstone of greatness and achievement of Western civilization.     Humans were created with the ability  to know truth by means of all the faculties of the intellect. Such things as mathematics, science, technological inventions, the rules of language  are the product of observation and  discovery of a rational, intelligible order in objective reality by the human mind.

All of Creation displays an exquisite beauty of rhythm and order which is intelligible by created humans.

There is, therefore, Truth to discover, and facts are bits and pieces of this process.  We stand on the shoulders of great men who began this discovery long before us, and we are able to choose to expand on their knowledge.   We are able to do so,  and we possibly may do so as long as we value truth over propaganda,   truth over spin,  truth over the “facts” of someone’s agenda.

I gotta go.  I have to go find a flower for Mary…   before my head spins too much.   But here.  Here’s an example which is still spinning in my head right now — and it’s one example of so many —

I heard with astonishment today an audience laughing — on cue at the verbal antics of the Barack Hussein person in our country.   They were laughing with derision and mockery at the rest of us   They were cued to laugh by mean and emotionally-charged  words that mocked a good man, by name,  and good decent Americans in general.  

Laughter, mockery, derision, demonization — all are  tools of an agenda that bullies and intimidates.    The process is written, discussed, taught to young disciples.  It is so successful that it is  used by several groups who are undermining the American culture, because if there is no more of us,  then power goes to them.

We can push back by exposing this process:  recognizing it and then speaking out, gently, according to your own personality — but speaking out, nevertheless.

I wouldn’t want to submit this post to any of my comp. and rhet. professors — but I think I know what I was getting at:    If you don’t know the facts, someone else will give you some facts —  and mandate that you believe them.   

As  an American citizen whose Freedom is assured by our Constitution, who’s in control of what you believe?

Who’s messing with your mind?

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