I argue with many of my sources, and one of my main sources for “Flowers For Mary”  is no exception.

For the 8th day of May,  the Iris is presented, to represent the Faith of Mary, and the faith that should be ours too.

iris purpleThey’re beautiful to look at.    They have a complex construction, petals pointing here and there, and they are not as fragile to the touch as they might look.   I suppose it’s their complexity and strength and many colors  that make them so appealing;   a good addition to any garden.

iris white 2

But “faith” ?  I don’t see the connection.   Why “faith”?     Even when I read “explanations,”  I don’t really get it.    Maybe strength.   Depth.   Richness. . . .

iris pink

But often the “explanation” is linked to the date,   the eighth flower on May 8th —   this is one of two days on the Calendar dedicated to  St. Michael the Archangel.

Around this date a few centuries ago, a farmer in Italy lost his bull.    (A very serious economic loss.)   He and his friends finally  tracked it down  to a big cave, but the bull would not come out — without provocation, that is.     So one of the men shot an arrow into the cave and the arrow promptly came flying out, as though ricocheting, wounding the man who shot the arrow. Unusual.   Eerie.   They consulted their priest, who consulted the bishop, who called for three days of fasting and prayer.

iris bull in cave

After the three days,  a powerful apparition appeared.  It was St. Michael the Archangel, explaining only that this cave was under his special protection and requesting that a  chapel be built there and that it be dedicated to all the Holy Angels of Heaven, who are the help of Mankind.    A chapel was built there, and it became known through time as a place where miracles sometimes occurred.

Who is this St. Michael the Archangel?     The prophet Daniel describes his role among Man thus:   “At that time shall Michael rise up, the great prince who protects the children of thy people.” (Dan. 12:1)   (“Prince” in Daniel’s writings meant those powerful angels that are rulers and protectors of individual nations.)     “At that time”  means the End of this Age that Daniel had been talking about.

So St. Michael has always been recognized as the guardian and  protector of God’s people,  the nation Israel first,  and then the Church.   So at the End of this Age,  St. Michael will be the needed protector of Christians.     See also the last book of the Bible, wherein the Apocalypse is described:    “And there was a battle in heaven; Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels. ”  (chapter 12)

That we believe by Faith.

So I quit arguing.  Maybe the beautiful Iris is aptly associated with  Faith, on this eighth day of May,  May 8th.

iris white

Iris, faith.   Faith, iris.

Possessing a beautiful soul,  carefully created and specially prepared to be the Mother of Jesus,  Mary was able to manifest a  pure unwavering faith during her entire life.

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