Nothing spectacular or delicate about this flower,  it’s easy to overlook when out in the wild, common along rocky shores of the eastern Mediterranean, now in gardens everywhere.

mignonetteBut very close up the mignonette has a wonderful spicy sweet fragrance that makes it worth a second look.   The fragrance is quite attractive and compelling, according to those who know this flower, but you have to get up close to the flower.   For that reason,  it’s chosen to represent the practice of hidden virtues,  exemplified so well by the Mother of Jesus, and so we offer the mignonette to her today, on this ninth day of May.

There are not too many words in the Bible spoken by Mary, nor, for that matter,  not too many words about her.   She led  a life hidden from us, her would be audience,  but a life of virtue, faithfulness  and love,  hidden in God.

They say Character is what you choose to do in private – when no one is looking, or no one will ever know.    Your true character will come out.

For my classes, I call that your Inner Spiritual Reality.   It is that Reality which you will take with you when you stand before your Creator, at your death.    Now, while you’re still alive, is the time to carefully create and cultivate that Inner Reality of the spirit.

Strengthening the practice of Hidden Spiritual virtues is a good way to create a holy and beautiful Inner Reality.    Although Mary was created and saved all at once, and was always beautiful and  sweet and holy,    it’s all right if it takes us a “bit of time” to become like her.

Like Mary, who showed us the way,   we must practice the virtues, hidden, to please God only.   We may not look much like on the outside,  but it’s the beautiful fragrance of our inner lives that matter.  Like the mignonette.

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