Jasmine 1Jasmine is the flower we offer to Our Lady today, the tenth day of May,  because of its very sweet fragrance.    When we look at  a well-done portrait of Mary, the Mother of Jesus,  her sweetness is made evident.

mary at prayerWhen we describe someone  as  sweet we mean they are pleasant, kind,  nice,  gentle,  and good.    There is no meanness or coarseness in that person – nor is there meanness  in the one doing the describing, at the time he is describing.  That’s important, because to recognize sweetness elevates  a person into a higher state of refinement.

Jasmine 2

This kind of sweetness is attractive, because it is true kindness – a better way to interact with people.   Gentleness is a better way to interact with people.      Pleasantness, goodness, all these are  better ways to interact with people.    It treats people as though they were valuable, and that makes you a valuable person too,

We are all “sweet people”  in the making,  whether male or female.   Budding sweetness —

Jasmine 3Have you ever done something nice for someone, and in appreciation the person spontaneously says:  “Oh, that was so sweet!”     We’re all capable of doing something sweet.   We’re all capable of copying the sweetness that Mary modeled for us. We just need to look for sweetness, to recognize sweetness,  to appreciate sweetness, to be consistently nice and pleasant and helpful and generous and gentle . . .  .

Jasmine is  used in perfumes and in teas.    It’s nicely sweet,  but the surprising thing about jasmine is that it never becomes “too” sweet or “sickeningly” sweet.  It always seems to be refreshingly sweet, and just right every time.

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