From the genus Epacris,  meaning “upon a hill,”  the heath flower is offered to Mary today.

HeathflowerThey come in pinks, whites, and creams,   and are thought to grow best on a hillside, thus looking downwards towards the world, as though in a state of recollection.

Certainly Mary was recollected, and she is our model to be recollected in all things, all circumstances.  Thoughtful,  but a kind of wise thoughtfulness.

So, have you ever walked along a sidewalk – or better, walked along a quiet pathway in a park?    So much to look at!   But imagine yourself walking along, and now you put your head down …. and walk ….  what happens?  You’ve pulled your attention in, closer around you.  You’ve contracted your “aura,”  so to speak.     You are “in your own world.”

Now the  unsettling, puzzling, busy, chaotic, confusing, demanding things of the world around you are further away.   Walk along, thinking,  but thinking your own thoughts now.  You have inner wisdom, inner strength, inner thoughts to ponder.

heath epacrisWith eyes cast downward,   the “input”  slows down,  and you can sense a bit of peace.  In this state,  good insights can arrive,  good thoughts can sort themselves out,  and your Inner Spiritual Reality can be tended to.

Mary, the Mother of God,  “pondered these things in her heart,” —  and the results of her pondering served her well, all throughout her very sorrowful life.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. . . ”   (Isaiah 26:3)

The heath flower.  Recollected.

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