Busy today.   Tired now.    Did hours of mind-bending studying.   Prepared notes for my classes.   Did enough outdoor work to make me feel physically tired.    So I worked hard,  did what I had to do.

And now I have to write about a flower.

laurel pin kThe Laurel.

All  these flowers this month are chosen to represent a quality that is associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary.   The Laurel  represents Duty.

Well,  it’s probably appropriate because Mary actually did all that was required of her.   She probably did her Duty and didn’t complain about either . . . like being tired at the end of the day.

laurel stripesThis looks like a sturdy plant,  cranking out perfect little flowers,  like it’s supposed to.   Perhaps that’s why it’s chosen to represent Duty.

There are many varieties of laurel, many different appearances,  and then there is the Crown of Laurels that was awarded to those who won the  serious physical Games played by the ancients.    Was the crown made of the leaves from this same plant?

laurel crownThis is a gilded laurel crown,  but the real one, the one you wanted to win,  was made of leaves.  the leaves will wilt and fade away quickly, and there was a message in that.   Whether you are an athlete,  a general, or a common worker, it is noble to do your duty and to do it well.    “Virtue is its own reward.”

Doing your duty is hard work sometimes,  but you must do what you must do, and to fulfill your duty,  you must do it well.

Come to think of it,  that’s why I’m so tired tonight.   And rather than complaining,  I can remember there is someone else who did her duty.   We can all have recourse to her when we’re weary, and our life’s work is not over yet.   Mary,  the Mother of Jesus;  she’d understand.

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