Generosity is the quality we associate with Mary, the mother of Christ,  today.    This quality is suggested by the little mimosa flower.

mimosaThey are made of many little petals reaching out, giving a sort of soft, puffy appearance.

A close-up  —

mimosa close upI’m not able to write much tonight,  so I will just remind us all that generosity is not measured by how many checks you write to help other people;   nor by how many dollar bills you may hand out to the needy;   nor by how unselfish with your time you are when people need your help;  nor by any act which can be seen, felt,  quantified, or marked down on a ledger — not even the invisible one that the angels are said to be keeping of our deeds.

My thought for you and for me tonight is to remember that generosity refers to a  natural responsiveness  within us that makes us ready and easily willing to give ourselves to others, without even a first thought.   Generosity of spirit resides so deeply and naturally within us, that we are generally unaware of it.   It’s a way of life.   Generosity is a gift from God,  a gift for those who are His and are able to receive it.

Here’s a pink one:

mimosa pinkThere is a warmth that comes forth from generous people.   A soft loveliness,  a safe feeling, because they are the right hand of our good God.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

And now I shall go back to bed again to fight the unwelcome virus that has been so generous to me. . . .

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