Passion:  from  the Latin word “pati”  —    to endure; to suffer (usually physical);  to endure suffering;  to be acted upon or to receive action which produces strong sensations or feelings.

passion spikesI can’t get a satisfactory picture of the Passion Flower.   They don’t seem to make sense to me.    But they all seem to have in common a circle and sharp spikes.

In common English,  “passion”  seems to mean strong feelings that an experience gives you;  or strong feelings that a desire gives you.

Another Passion Flower.

passion mess These “strong feelings”  occur when what we are experiencing brings us to our limits,  and takes us beyond reason.

Really?   —

passion rainbowWhen we give one of these flowers to Mary in the Month of May,  we mean to honor the Passion of her Son,  the Christ, which he endured for our sakes, but which, as His mother,  she felt more keenly than we could understand.       As his life anticipated His Passion on the Cross,  her life experienced this anticipation as well,  through her motherly love,

I can’t understand what Jesus endured on the Cross,  but I can know — and ponder — the great Love it took to come to earth and willingly undergo it all for our sake.    Mary’s whole life honors His Passion by standing by and enduring and experiencing it in the way a mother feels what her son feels.

A very sorrowful flower indeed.

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