Well.    I’ve always maintained that we were created with self-healing bodies   —  provided we give our bodies what is needed for good health.  Apparently my body has overcome the billions of little critters that brought me down for the past three days, and the body politely requested a spring meal.

After a successful  trip to the grocery store, obsessed with finding some fresh asparagus,  I came home to this favorite recipe of mine:

 That’s it!  That’s the whole recipe:   some asparagus spears, rinsed a little,   placed on aluminum foil,   some olive oil, and a light sprinkling of Himalayan salt.    Baked at . . .   well, I think 375, for . . . I think 35 or 40 minutes.  (I like them really soft.)

After I got back from the store and assembled this,  I was feeling pretty tired, so I’m not really sure what I did with them, and I bumped the heat control on my little toaster oven,  so I couldn’t really check what I had baked them at . . .  and I kept lying down so I’m not sure of the total time  . . . .

I guess you don’t have to be very specific when you make this.     Good food, healthy food, is the simplest food.

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