The 18th day of May,  lavender, for Our Lady.

A lavender field  —

Lavender fieldGentle,  soft,  pervasive misty purple across a field.

Someone once gave me some lavender sprigs.  They are good for making tinctures that you can flavor foods with (lavender flavored cookies)  and also use for imparting a subtle lavender fragrance to anything at all.

I have some left, I’ll use more again sometime, and I can’t find it now to take a photo of for you.   But here are some sprigs:

lavender sprigsMy lavender looks just like that in its little plastic bag,  only a bit more dried up.   The purple has faded,  but the fragrance is there.

So, we associate lavender with the human characteristic of Modesty  because of its gentle presence.    You don’t actually notice a genuinely sweet and modest person at first,  but when you do take notice,  you are pleasantly surprised and attracted. This is  because “modesty”  doesn’t mean timidity or vapidness or immaturity.  Instead it means that the person of good quality chooses not to push himself forward and is content to let others receive attention.

No wonder lavender was the favorite fragrance of truly feminine women of ages past.

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