May 20, geraniums.

geranium redMy Mom loved geraniums.   Everywhere we lived,  there always seemed to be geraniums popping up — the result of my mother’s efforts, of course.  According to  an article I read recently, though first written a few years ago,   hot-houses,    (greenhouses)   raise a hundred million geranium plants for distribution all over the world!   They are well-loved!

gernaium pink pot

What’s the appeal?  They are hardy and vigorous and produce blooms of strong vibrant color.   The RED will hit you in the eye  — but so will the other colors.   (I don’t remember ever seeing a purple geranium,  but I like it.)

geranium purple
So why is this flower chosen for the soft and gentle Mother of Our Lord, “lovely lady dressed in blue. . .” ?

With its bright strong colors,  the geranium stands for Zeal,  and specifically Zeal for Souls.     That is Mary’s strong desire,  to show her Son to everyone, and to say, as at Cana:   “Go to Jesus;  do whatever He tells you.”

geranium very red
Zeal doesn’t have to be loud and noisy,   because zeal resides within a person   ( and not in a person’s  loud mouth).   And when zeal  has a spiritual good for its object,  such as love for human souls, then  zeal is strong and vigorous and ever ready to deliver  the news of our salvation  which is freely available to all of us.

Zeal knows that the consequences of rejection are too dire, too awful to contemplate, and will call out strongly  against rejection of the good God.

How to be a geranium.

(Good soil.    Good nutrition.   Good sunlight.   And  a good goal.)
geranium potting
Do you love people?  Do you “love” the world?   Do you love “all the people in the world”?   And but do you love the person right next to you?  Do you care if he will one day suffer those dire consequences of rejecting God?  Might he die in ignorance of God — because of you?

Zeal cares!      And the zeal of Mary for the souls that her Son died a horrible death for cannot be matched by any of us — especially by us who are a little “soft in the soul.”       We can but offer her geraniums today, and admire her zeal and imitate her desire for souls to know and understand her Son.

I wish my Mom were still here.   I’d like to talk to her about planting some geraniums. . . .

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