So,  I need to be brief tonight.  Here is information,  but not much explanation:

The periwinkle:

periwinkle purpleIt does come in other colors,  pink, for instance:

periwinkle pinkEasy to understand, simple, easy to draw if you’d like to doodle a flower.

The purplish periwinkle is chosen to represent Purity of Intentions, and is a quality associated with Our Lady in her actions and choices.

In this context, “purity” indicates Mary’s  single-minded, unadulterated focus on the God of her Fathers, without allowing any distracting influence.     Mary was always aware of walking in the presence of God.   He is always there,  He is always attentive,  He is always longing for her companionship — as He longs for us.

The reasons why we are doing something or saying something or thinking on something are  called our intentions.   For what purpose is this.   If we know God’s spotlight is always on us,   it’s hard to not care about pleasing Him,  for His sake alone.

That’s a powerful thought to be always and everywhere in the Presence of God.

It would help to purify our intentions.

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