The buttercup –  just obeys its mandate to reflect the glory of God.

buttercup field

I trampled on these things as  a child,  playing in the fields on the edge of the Illinois prairie.    Rode my bike right over them too.  And, yes,  when I was a small child I rubbed the buttercup flower on my chin to see if the yellow color – the butter – would rub off on me.    If it did,  that was a good thing.

We are offering flowers to Our Lady for each day of her month,  May.    I’ve never done this before.    “Too old for that.”   “Too educated”   for such sentimentality.     “Too spiritual”  for such unsophisticated ties to the earth.

All of which is, I suppose, the Point.

buttercup flower of five

The buttercup is lowly,  it’s able to be trampled on and still keep living,  and it is only for the  childlike and the uneducated and the unsophisticated to notice.

And that’s why it’s a perfect choice for the quality of obedience.

Obedience is simple, really.    Be open to God as He is,  and like Mary,  align your life with His will.

That’s it.    That’s the path to our holiness  which will take us into the next life.

However,   hanging on to our own desires and doubts would complicate matters,  so we need to  “calibrate”  our lives,  calibrate ourselves to match your Creator’s will.     Don’t tell Him what’s right or wrong.   Keep it simple.  Let Him tell you.

Need some “complexity” ?  —


There is a God who is also the Creator of the entire material universe.  Men knew that even before the time of Christ.   Men knew that before the  time of Abraham.    I like to go back to the time after the glaciers of the last Ice Age melted,  about 12,000 years ago when we could recognize men like ourselves.   It’s just fact,  historical fact,  archeological fact,  that men knew of God.

We did the best we could, back then,  pleasing and obeying the God we knew, until slowly, over millennia, God increasingly revealed more and more about Himself.    We have the Law given to Moses.  We have His nature confirmed by the philosophers of Greece.  We have the Word come down to teach us more directly  :   Jesus, the great rabbi,  Sermon on the Mount, the parables, and more.

buttercup darkWell, that’s complex enough for now.  Study all that history,  study all those writings,  and then keep it simple:  just one step at a time,  when you make the individual choices —  again, one by one —  choose each time to obey God as He really is.

Uh….   I don’t think we have much time left.

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