The Daffodil for Devotion to Mary.

daffodil springDaffodils herald spring.    Springtime,  new life,  a long full  season  of abundant life ahead of us.

The connection to the Virgin Mary is that she heralded in New Life from God through Christ in her womb.   New Life is a second chance at life, for this one is messed up from the day we’re born, and we are as helpless as newborn babes to straighten ourselves up.

Helpless.   Enter the Promised One, Christ, in the womb of Mary — all the sweetness and hope of a new mother, all the power of a new life in the Baby — and then a springtime of new life offered to us.

There is an old saying that “If you get “Mary” right,  you’ll get what Christ is truly all about.”   She is Mary,  the Mother of God .   “Behold, all generations shall call me blessed.”     And for those who do call her blessed, in any generation, and  look at her carefully, admire her, love her usually  become devoted to her.   She has only one purpose:  to present Christ to us.

“Eternal Spring”

daffodil flower

And that’s why a whole month is given to understanding her qualities that made her so approved of God and a fit vessel for the Son of God.      Old life;  new hope.   New hope within the Son of the Virgin.   An eternal springtime offered to us.

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