Memorial Day is Decoration Day,  when we make a point to visit the graves of our loved ones, those who have died in the military.   This is a respectful and righteous thing to do.

decoration day

Stop reading here if you want to remain “innocently”  patriotic.

bar simnple graded gray lines

Every  soldier’s  death  in war diminishes our world, our nation, and our own lives in some way.  The older one gets,  the more one realizes how this is true.

Lately, in America,  from the Korean War onwards,   we have fought and our men have died without there being a formal declaration of war.   I don’t think that’s okay, but there it is.

Since this is the case, let’s look at another war that has been declared on us, and although there is not a duly constituted national government that has made that declaration,  it has been stated as a war by the enemy combatants – a war against the United States of America –– and we are fighting it every day and Americans are dying every day because of this officially “undeclared war” that we all hate to think about.

The other war – I’ll call it Jamiel’s War,  because he exemplifies the war action taken against us.    (Remember,  they want us dead and conquered.)

First let’s look at the enemy soldier:

Part of a Dream Family, officially so-called — a Dreamer —   These are the people brought over here illegally to prop up the votes for the liberal parties.   Quid pro quo:  we let you stay in this country and give you food and housing and medical care and “schooling”;  you vote for us.

So once there was this Dreamer “child” — . . . .

He became a gang member.  I get the colors mixed up so I’m not going to name names.

(1)   As a teenager he was arrested and convicted of some gun charge,  let back out on the streets.  (2)    A second time he was arrested for shooting someone, given a trial,   the victim testified that that’s the man who shot me, and this teenager agreed, in the courtroom.   Felony charge again — but his vote is valuable, remember.   Light sentence.

(3)   Third time he was arrested on a gun charge, put in jail for a few months and released back into the “community.”

On the day he was released,  he was on a mission.  A mission of obedience to his gang. This is the mission:   ON THE DAY YOU GET OUT OF JAIL GO KILL SOMEONE,  KILL THEM DEAD,  KILL PEOPLE DEAD.

Why?  Why so vicious?    Because the gang members know that some young men might be rehabilitated and leave the gang.  But if they kill on their first day out,  on their first opportunity,  then that deed locks them into a life of serious crime and only their fellow gang members can protect him.

So this is what this young man did.    Pedro Espinoza,  21 years old.   A last name which alludes to Christian hope.   A first name after St. Peter.

First day out of jail,  so he got a young woman he didn’t know to drive him around.   He saw his target, a 17-year-old, accosted him with a loaded gun,  had him put his hands up


But the  17-year-old did put his hands up and he did get shot – right in the stomach.  He fell backwards with his hands still “up”  and then he got shot in the hand – got two fingers blown off.   And then he got shot in the head, execution style.  The shooter drove away and returned to his gang headquarters, and proudly announced to them “I’m a killer.”

Now let’s turn to the young victim. 

I’d be proud to have him in my family.  Father at home, working to support his family, loving and attentive ;  grandmother nearby, loving and  attentive;    Mother in the Middle East, away from the family . . . .   The son’s name is Jamiel.   Jamiel,  Jr.

Jamiel is a junior in high school and is a football star.  Three times voted MVP.  Recruited early by such schools as Stanford and Rutgers.

He was told to be home at 7:00 that evening,   and he was,  he was on his way home.  His father called him to check up, and he was nearing home.   Then the father heard gunshots down the street.


Espinoza chose him for his target because he was out to kill Black guys.  That is,  his particular gang had an animus against all Blacks.

Why Blacks?      “Because White Americans stole land away from Mexico, and the Blacks benefited, so therefore Black people have to be killed.”

Of course this is senseless logic,  and it is by all definitions a hate crime based on race,   but it is carried out every day.   And the court system is so far from common sense and logic that much time was wasted on eyewitness impressions of the details of clothing:   all one color?  short sleeves,  long sleeves?    Those kinds of things.

And, oh, yes,   Jamiel was carrying a backpack.   It happened to be a certain color so the jury was told he was in a gang too.   Although that is not true,  our court system must allow the defense attorneys to  smear Jamiel in the eyes of the public.

So this is Jamiel’s War.  It was waged against him, it killed him,   it is being waged against us right now today.

It will not be over until we wage war back.   Declared or undeclared.

bar simnple graded gray lines


Where was Al Sharpton,  Eric Holder,  the Barack Hussein person in all this?   Where were all these usual  race baiters?

A Black man was murdered – by a  gun!    

The sent their delegates to check things out.   But then they found out that the father,  Jamiel Shaw,   was not an anti-gun person.  The grieving father told them that that gun did not kill his son;.   that Hispanic gang member did.   And then they realized Mr. Shaw did not choose to vote for liberal causes.


Nevertheless,   this is a formally undeclared war, a war to kill Americans because we “stole” land two centuries ago.  It’s a war against Blacks particularly.   La Raza and other associations who meet the Barack Hussein person to obtain concessions have stated these goals publicly.

Don’t we believe them?    What would it mean if we do?

We must understand that this is not merely a racial war.  This is a war against our nation, all of us.

One newspaper report of this incident:   click here
Photos of Jamiel, Jr.,    click here

An example of erroneous, perhaps hasty reporting here.  Giving the  wrong impression by insidious suggestion:     click here

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