“Work for the night is coming . . . “

The primrose is not a rose,  but that’s the name we give to this lovely little flower of many varieties and many colors.

primrose colors
Apparently, it takes a lot of steady, patient,  detailed work to get an area of your garden to grow healthy primrose.  Maybe the work required isn’t difficult or tricky,  but it does take the persistent  work of attention to their needs.

primrose quick glance
For this reason, the primrose is associate with a Love of Labor.

primrose pink

Love of Labor,  of doing your Duty,  of carrying out the responsibilities of your station in life.    This is so counter-cultural today, isn’t it!    We send our kids off to school with a cheery  “Have fun!”     “Have a good day!”    How strange it would seem if we sent them off with a loving parental admonition to:    “Work hard today!”        How about if we see that we have a couple hours stretching out ahead of us and we think:  “Oh, good!  Now I can get to work!”   And I don’t mean work we do for payment.

Oh, sometimes we might say things like that,  but we are so often prompted to relax and take pleasure in our day that work seems like something we step outside of “normal” life to do!     And yet the extra attention we pay to something worthwhile or the extra work we put in to obtain a greater good never seems to be wasted time.

primrose white

On this 26th day of May we offer to the Virgin Mary all these lovely primroses, remembering that she did not take her rewards here on earth, during her life,  but that her whole life was a Labor of Love and a Love of Labor for all the souls that might look at her Son . . . and believe.

primrose dark pink

The Bible tells us to “work, for the night is coming, when no man can work.”    God lives not in time  but in eternity, and from this vantage point He can see that our “day”  will come to an end,  and then it will be “lights out” — we will pass through the darkness of our own death.

And then comes the wages for the work we have done for Him.

So smile.  Work.   Study the teachings that the Church brings to us.   Learn the Bible.     Practice the instructions in the Bible.  Obey the Commandments.    Do loving acts as He would have done.    . . .   Well,  if you keep your eyes on the “night that is coming,”   I’m sure you’ll find plenty of work to do!

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