Fred 1I’ve done something like this.   Not my address,  but once in Florida, when I was visiting my parents way down there,   I chose a spot on the beach where the sand was good and wet and heavy, and I wrote my name in the sand.

And then I thought about it for a while.  Thought about “me.”

Until . . .

Fred 2The waves weren’t coming near me at first, but the third or the fourth or the fifth one came unexpectedly with a whoosh —   No more name,  just turbulent water!    Mud and foam to look at.

And when the storm passes?

Fred 3“Gone with the Whoosh.”

The things you counted on are all gone.   Scrambled, rearranged.    Or maybe not even “you” are left,  just incomprehensible little traces of you.

Lessons learned:

(1)    Nothing’s permanent, not even you.

(2)    What you leave behind won’t matter much to other people.

Fred may enjoy sinking his feet into the warm wet sand,  but this earth is no place to sink your life into.

Hebrews 13:14 –  For we have not here a lasting city, but we seek one that is to come.

Like the long rolling waves that come crashing into the shore,  so does Time come rushing against us, taking us away.

Oh!  But that’s a good thing!

“. . . but we seek one that is to come.”      It’s one that is good and right and holy and peaceful and everything makes sense – because the Creator of all that is there.  Now, today,   we have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for that Eternal City,  giving thanks to the One who came to our “temporary city”  to pay for our entrance with His Life.

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