The honeysuckle:

honeysuckle whiteEver notice that when you are confident and enthusiastic about something in a conversation that your voice gets a little louder,  a little firmer?     You don’t mind speaking right out about something you’re sure of.

Like you’re “trumpeting” your cause.

honeysuckle fewThe honeysuckle flower looks like little trumpets proudly pointing upwards.

Perhaps this is why the honeysuckle is given today for the quality of Confidence in God.    On this 28th day of May it’s certainly appropriate to present this confident-looking honeysuckle in tribute to Our Lady, for whose life ever showed so much confidence in her Savior, her Son!

honeysuckle trumpetsConfidence in God.  We struggle, sometimes, to have faith in God.  To believe what He has revealed about Himself.   To accept what great teachers and philosophers explain about God.

So, “faith,”  and “believe,”  and “accept.”    Good, quiet, internal, private  words.      When does the confidence come?

Ah,  confidence arrives after we’ve made a wholehearted choice to follow God wherever He leads, no matter what it takes, no matter what the results.      Confidence is the comes from out of a grateful heart that knows that God will never fail us, not even at our death.    Confidence follows experience with His goodness, knowing it will never change.

honeysuckle red

Stand up on  tiptoes, use your full, loud voice,  and trumpet out your confidence . . . .

Figuratively speaking.

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