This one:

aster pinkThe Aster.  Someone thought this looked like a star or a starburst so they named it with the Greek word for star:  “aster.”

The quality associated with the aster is Goodness and we can surely describe the Virgin Mary as good..     God, the Creator,  created a Good Mother for the Son of God to be Incarnated in.   We’ve had almost a whole month of “good”  qualities associated with Mary, these qualities perfected in her, and we understand how she was the perfectly Good mother to bear the Son of God.

aster fieldNow, asters bloom in the late Summer and Fall and keep blooming  long after the other flowers begin to fade.   In your garden they will be practically the last flower left.    The association with goodness?   If you think of all your friends and acquaintances,  the ones the stay the longest after everyone else has moved on are the “good ones,”  the good friends; sometimes when things get tough for you,  they are the ones who stay beside you, because they care,  they have a good heart,   and are there with you because they are just purely your friend.

How much Our Lady cherishes . . . .

aster blue. . . . the goodness in the friends of her Son.

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