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June 30, 2015

Quite a mess, huh?   —

 On my front porch.   And this is the  slightly charred  “debris”  from the following story.

Son left late one night, tired, had to go to work the next day.   Outside porch light went on as we said good-night — but we lingered for some reason.   And then we walked around.  And then we smelled something.

I thought it was “biological” like someone had burned their stew in a big iron pot and then put the pot outside to cool.  Son thought someone was having a late night . . .  barbecue.  Or marshmallow roast.    Hot dogs, or something.

Instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying good-bye anyway,  we lingered.    Oddly.  Like time was slowing down a bit.  We walked around distractedly,  sniffing “that smell”  here and there.    Son should have been going home.

But finally he said,  “I want to get to the bottom of this.”    Bemused.    Why did he feel like that?  Why was I curious too about such a faint smell?

I’ll omit all the odd coincidences which led us to the discovery that something inside of my porch light was scorching, smoking, and glowing with red embers!!!!    It was a bird nest in my porch light  that was heating up rapidly to the point of combustion!  Son cleaned it up, made sure the wiring was okay — finally said good-bye, leaving me a bit shaken and so very grateful that I didn’t go to bed with that porch light on – the fire would have definitely spread . . .

 Apparently,  my porch light is a popular place.   Another bird appeared.


A cardinal, this time.   Building a lovely nest.

In my fear after that last near-fire episode,  I had put duct tape over the switch that would turn on the porch light.    No more heat possible, I  hoped.   I let Mama Cardinal have her way.      She and her matronly protective maneuvers  had priority for the next couple of weeks.   I felt . . . well, a little “henpecked!    I wouldn’t even use my own front door.

Finally, after much tip-toeing around,  I was rewarded.


I was rewarded by little red fluffy lumps in the nest.     How on earth the eggs didn’t fall through while Mama was sitting on them, I’ll never know.

I still didn’t get my front door back, though, and I couldn’t walk around freely for the next couple of weeks:

Feeding little babies is a constant job.

Even when Mama is gone,  the mouths are still there —


Mama’s turn to be “henpecked.”    I think she was more inconvenienced than I was.

They were so much fun to watch.    And then one day they were gone.   All gone.

I’m not henpecked anymore.

But I think I have the Empty Nest Syndrome.


June 29, 2015

(Well, that offensive, intimidating multi-colored banner meant to bully us into agreeing with the very triumphant, very tiny minority has disappeared from the pages we bloggers have to write on.   Good.   I hate being in a state of utter disgust while I write.  thank you, WordPress, for taking that down..) 

The disgust was with the Lawless “Sup_eme”  Cou**  behavior of the past five days – including today’s, of course.  (Today this group of unelected Leftists have decided that foreign citizens may voted in our nation’s elections.   If you are a citizen of ANY country in this world,  come and vote in our elections!        No questions asked.)

But it is this man’s intentions I need to write about tonight — and the source of his intentions.

Like this shocking quotation, caught on video:   OBAMA The Sunni-Alinski-Trained Barack Hussein Person:     “WE NEED TO HELP PEOPLE OVERCOME THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS”

transformationI’m going to borrow from the words of Douglas Hagmann today,  because he does a good job of analyzing the reactions that are swirling around in our country after these last several court decisions.     First he quotes one of the dissenters* on the Bench:

“The Court’s decision today is at odds not only with the Constitution, but with the principles upon which our Nation was built. Since well before 1787, liberty has been understood as freedom from government action. . . .”      That is, my words now,  our Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights were meant to define and to limit the powers of our government — and, I might add,   the people who are  in  our government offices,  just in case it’s not clear to them.

In America,  it is not permitted to the government (or anyone in government)  to interfere with the free exercise of such things as their choice of religion.

I suppose that’s why the city of Dearborn  (Dearbornistan, Michigan)  is allowed to impose a curfew during Ramadan on Muslims and Christians,  Jews,  and seculars alike.    Apparently religious exercise permitted by our government.

But again,   “The Court’s decision”  is at odds with our Constitution which protects the free expression of our religion, freely,  openly, in public,  informing our behavior and our attitudes.     We’re free to have meaningful religious expression — or to not have any religious expression.   We don’t mess with each other and the government doesn’t mess with  us.


Why does he target “religious beliefs”?     Because he mistakenly thinks that the horrendously harmful and degrading homosexual acts are condemned by religion alone.  He apparently doesn’t know secular history,  sociology,  medicine, psychology, and philosophy,  and so he centers his frustration on “religion.”

We know that high moral behavior and strong moral character produces a strong, stable nation,  and yet all of the healthy moral practices of our country have been under attack.    (It’s no secret that our nation is under attack from foreign ideologies –  increasingly successful,  because as the proverbial frog in his pot,  we have been brought to a boiling point slowly.)

Where did this assault come from?    Who wants us weak, doubting, and morally confused?       Today the attack seems to be successfully led by 1.8 – 2.2 % of our population.    Why do we see sodomy everywhere, in every media?      Who is using this 2% or so of the population?

Again,  as presented in Mr. Hagmann’s writings today,  there is the Congressional Record.      “The activist homosexual agenda in America has its roots in Communism. On January 10, 1963, Representative A. S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida read 45 goals of Communism in America into the Congressional Record. Listed at #26 was to “present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy.” What was considered abhorrent behavior and a sin by all of the world’s major religions only a half-century ago is not only accepted and ostensibly “legitimized” today, but is being openly celebrated at the White House and state houses across America.”

So went the testimony in 1963.    Communism versus religion.


Again,   quoting the writings in Mr. Hagmann’s report:  ” It is imperative that we understand the depth, breath and scope of the lie and the globalist, Communist agenda behind it. It is important we identify the agents of destruction. They, and their agenda, must be fully exposed.”

It’s imperative that we know,  that we understand,  that we identify.     If we cannot name our enemy, we cannot defend ourselves effectively.      If we don’t know who and what is taking away our American Freedom,  then we will lose our Freedom.

I hope I’m doing my part to speak out on these dismaying  “Sup_eme”  Cou** decisions that is breaking down the moral and political character of our nation.    Let’s not tire.     Let’s not get distracted.    Let’s not lose interest.    One-on-one, keep the discussion going.

This person ended a speech recently by saying “Keep the Revolution going!”      Huh?    What “revolution”?

They’re having a “revolution” in our country?

I guess so.

*  One of the dissenting opinions written by Justice Thomas


June 28, 2015

I took this photo one night a couple months ago on my way in to our class.


Our class’s  building is behind the church which is in deep shadows.    Across the street from us is our state capitol building,  bright and gleaming white.   Dominating the scene.

A fitting metaphor for what we can no longer ignore.

The very Church which originated with the Son of God, come to earth 2,000 years ago, and which gave to the world the best of pagan civil and philosophical knowledge and the best of Jewish moral and religious revelation, and the best inspired synthesis of both,   resulting in such principles as Rule of Law,  Equal Treatment before the Law,   Objective Reality,    all humans equally  subject to the judgment of God,   Right and Wrong based upon discoverable and discernible human  intellectual abilities,   the Dignity of All Humans,  care and protection of the Weak, the Sick, the Aged, and the Very Young . . .   and so much more that forms the basis of a safe and stable society —

—   All this promoted and promulgated by the Church,  all this is rejected now, at last, by a society acting triumphant over Her.

Rejected, so that this American society has no more foundation to stand on than the giant mushroom in Wonderland which supported the caterpillar who stated outright: “Words mean whatever I want them to mean.”      (Or is that our Ruler’s “Sup_eme”  Cou**  that I’m quoting?)   No longer do words “mean” anything beyond which an irrational,  maniacal mob wishes it to mean.

Does this nation really want to give up those things  which provides stability and safety and a good way to improve what needs to be improved?   Do we really want to be ruled by poll numbers that are created by our Rulers – a kind of technological Mob Rule?

Mob rule tore  France apart in 1789.  It was a very bloody revolution, and France flounders yet today,   weakened and rapidly disappearing under an assault by foreign elements who do not care what “France” once was.

 So what does this have to do with a Sunday?

st peterMob rule is chaos;  dangerous,   confusing,   violent,  oppressive, eventually bloody chaos.       If there is no authority higher than your Ruler,  whoever he may be,  there will then follow mob rule —  rule  by numbers.  The majority oppressing and stamping out the minority.

Authority.      God has final authority equally over us all.   What kind of God would leave us to flounder around by ourselves?

He didn’t.    He is in charge;   He is returning.   And He’s left someone here to represent Him.   Like St. Peter in the photo above.

Almost 2,000 years ago he wrote these words which we once again heard in Church today:    “….. (be) ready always to satisfy every one that asks you a reason of that hope which is in you.”

As the State overshadows the Church and society becomes our enemy, we will more and more have to decide what we believe — and we are admonished to be able to explain – to those who ask –  why we believe what we do.     The Church’s doctrines are based upon Reason and Revelation both;  two compatible phenomena.

Be ready!      I’ve written before that if you don’t know what the Truth is,  there are plenty of people ready to tell you what you should think.

Otherwise you will go along with the crowd, eager to be ruled by polls and trends, eager to be part of the majority which oppresses and stamps out the minority.   And eventually you’ll be the minority.

USING THE MAGIC MIRROR (dont look if…)

June 27, 2015

I just wrote to explain why I’m not leaving this place of mental bullying and intimidation but will continue write, using my MAGIC MIRROR, as it were, to deflect back certain not-so-subtle messages aimed at all of us.

Don’t Look If. . .    Please skip this posting if you are Comfortably Numb and easily offended.    If you are Comfortably morally Numb.     This is not for you.  Sincerely.

But first —

khrushchev  shoeI’ve written about this man here before.   He is Premier Khrushchev.    Yes, that’s his shoe in his hand, as he gave his “We Will Bury You”   speech before the United Nations.   He is yelling at us, saying that his Soviet Union will prevail because Socialist values will prevail.  The shoe-banging  is just for emphasis.

khrushchev wordsIt was the time of the ’50s and ’60s and we were the strongest,  generally most moral nation in the world — so we kind of ignored him.  We actually laughed at anyone who would take his shoe off in public . . .

What we didn’t know is that they, and other extreme leftists like him,  had a PLAN;  it was called variously the Communist Manifesto,  the Humanist Manifesto ….   One of the first planks of the Manifestos was to corrupt the moral fabric of American society.    (Look it up.)   Well they knew that a morally corrupt society is a society with a weakened character.      And a society with a weakened character, confusion, and an emphasis on pleasure is a society that is EASILY LED.

Easily led to where they wanted to take us.   (Under their domination, though they don’t call themselves “communists” anymore.)

That was three generations ago,  three generations of a PLAN that we didn’t know was in place.

Three generations and we now have unwatchable television “programming” and laws permitting and promoting immoral and harmful activities that have now become commonplace.    Billions, perhaps trillions of our own money is being wasted by theft, bribery, dishonesty,  bullying tactics in all kinds of endeavors — just for one example.

So now we have at least three generations of people who find this commonplace — and a “Sup eme”  Cou**  that reflects a society that has been thoroughly demoralized  and de-moralized.

We should realize this small “Sup eme”  group of people have made serious moral mistakes:

(Now usually,    . . . )


Or any other issue that the “Sup eme”  Cou**    has been so wrong on  because  once they decided that, no, slaves aren’t to be counted as inanimate property,  but must be considered among the population census of the great plantations; however,  they are to be considered only 3/5 of a person, rather than one whole unit of a person.

shckles and chainsDid you morally agree with that Decision?   Were they right just because they are “Sup  eme”?

And then once   that “Sup eme”  group of people  decided that we may legally  kill our unborn children.   Those who “rejoiced” at this decision do not want to know what Roe v Wade  means:

aborted quarterMy little grandson was born prematurely.

aborted babyBut he wasn’t burned to death or sliced apart or swirled around in a powerful vacuum until he was torn apart.   He never felt that mortal pain.

This “Sup eme”  group of individuals also ignored our Constitution and our laws and the common meaning of words to make the Health Control Bill “legal.”     Immoral, but legal.

no med servicesI have friends who can no longer afford any medical health care.     There are people who are deemed by remote government bureaucrats that they are too sick to receive any medical treatment.     There are many doctors who can no longer afford to practice their medical skills, nor have the time to fill out hours and hours of daily paperwork.   And our Rulers tell the doctors what they can and cannot do for us.    Many of my friends and I are reaching an age where we will be “too old”  to receive medical care.

If you dare go to a physician,  he must report ALL of your private information to the easily hackable government Websites which IT people generally regard as a joke.   Unsecured – if they even work properly.     You might as well go stand naked in the public square;  your medical records are that exposed.

Less medical care.   Much higher costs.     Private information openly available to hackers.   An immoral assault on the medical needs of a society.

And lastly, for now,   this “Sup eme”  group of anti-American individuals have decided that we Americans must pass THEIR  Litmus Test  for  “acceptable”  beliefs.   How many times have we heard that our First Amendment rights END as we leave our own homes?    (First Amendment:  Freedom of Religious Expression)    You can have your private religious beliefs as long as you don’t let anyone else know about them and  as long as you don’t use them in public.

The Litmus Test becomes, again,  Do you live here? —

fantasy land. . . .Here in Fantasy Land where we ignore Natural Law, we ignore the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, where we ignore Christian teaching,  where we ignore the medical evidence of the consequences of behavior in such a Land.

I have read several times recently that no longer is the remedy to be found in our   “elections.”

It used to be “bullets or ballots.”     But now it is neither “bullets nor ballots.”

The remedy lies somewhere in the moral fabric of our society as a whole, and in individuals who make up that moral fabric.

“We will bury you!”      And:  “We will give you enough rope to hang yourselves.”

I fear, though . . .

rope. . .  I fear that our heads are already ever so comfortably in that noose. . . .

And so in spite of that offensive banner on this page,  I will go on writing.

WHY I’M NOT LEAVING . . . (more below)

June 27, 2015

Heartfelt thanks to a friend who alerted me to this situation.   (And the “situation” seems urgent and in need of explanation.)

WHY . . .  (full title)  —

 It was brought to my attention that there is a banner appearing across the top of the page I am now using.  The banner uses these colors:

fantasy landFantasy Land.   A place where happiness does not actually exist.

Of course, this is against my will.    So why don’t I leave this place and go write “somewhere else” ?

I’ve thought about this.   I remembered the Catholics who lived under the Roman Empire in the first few centuries —   then, as now,   they were told by our Master to pay their taxes to Caesar, knowing full well what the caesars do with the money.

I go to my public library which offers books and DVDs which contain content with highly offensive  illicit sexual activities and moral turpitude of all kinds.

I even shop at grocery stores and pharmacies which offer material which “celebrates”    illicit sexual and drug activity among the “celebrities”  and how-to magazines. . . .  as well as actual paraphernalia relating to illicit sexual activity.

I have not yet received any Divine Calling to retreat to an isolated desert location – away from all this.

For a similar reason,  I will not leave this blog program because of their not-so-subtle BULLYING and MENTAL INTIMIDATION staring me in the face.

I won’t  “rejoice” with these triumphant  people,   but I will use my writing as a MAGIC MIRROR –  to reflect back  in their direction words  needed to  counter . . .  such things.

Actually,  I’ve been doing this right along, but without the personal, individual, clearly intimidating message staring at me in my face.

One more thing:   I’ve always meant to apologize for the rather cryptic (to me) message that  “Your readers may see advertisements here in this place.”   Have you?       Have you seen any offensive advertising?    I don’t see them, if any.   Please let me know.


June 25, 2015

I really love paleontology.    But I am especially attracted to the era of about  14,000 to 12,000 years ago,  just when the last glacial age ended.   What was civilization like just before?   What was civilization like just after a near world-wide catastrophic climate change which caused the deep glacial ice sheets to melt so rapidly?

In North America people existed and coped with the climate changes and built up their cultures.  I use the plural, cultures,  deliberately, because there were several distinct racial groups here, all at the same time.

Early Migration into North America:

Map landbridgeThe standard theory is that the so-called “Native Americans”  came here from Asia across the landbridge which appeared at the Bering Straits when a lot of the ocean waters were tied up in the glaciers.   They came from Asia.   There were thus one of the THREE racial groups that we have:  Mongoloid based on traditional, non-political classifications.

These people probably met up with other human or humanoid type people who lived here already.    (There is an absurd situation that occurred when skeletons were discovered that were very much larger than Asians and which had red hair.  Though they are certainly not Asian-lilke,   the Government allowed the politically-correct Native American Nations to claim the bones as their ancestors and have kept any further examination, if any, very  quiet.     “Red-haired giant Asian?”)

(I’ve been to the Winnemucca, Nevada, museum too, for those of you who know what was stored there for a while.   Winnemucca is one of my favorite “rest stops.”)


But look at the map again.  You’ll see another wave of immigration from Europe.   Now, their route is correct;  they skirted the glaciers from their starting point in northern Spain and northern  France.    Plenty to eat along the way!     Whales, walruses, seals, and good deep-sea fish!

These Europeans settled along the way down the east coast, and finally in Florida.   I’ve been near their area, I’ve been to a museum which preserves some of their bodies and tools and other evidences of their culture.

Windover Site signThey are the Windover people.  I wrote about them here last year  because I was so fascinated with their culture.    They are the only  people known to have buried their dead under water!  It’s an interested story, and I posted several photos of the museum’s exhibits.

Today the site of their settlement looks like a scuzzy little  pond.    With an illustrator’s imagination the pond is given a possible reality —

Windover scuzzy pond

A similar Windover person long dead —

Windover personThe Windover people represent the Caucasoid race of humans.    Oddly,  their artifacts and the material in their settlement sites have been traced back to a couple thousand years before the  Mongoloid  “Native Americans”  are supposed to have arrived.

They too may have had to deal with another “race” of very large human-type beings,  some skulls of which show a double row of teeth.   The Windover people have also carved pictures of mastodons — which lived before the big climate change that melted the glaciers.   Apparently they knew how to deal with all the very large creatures, giant sloths,  giant other animals that I saw in the museum.

Many thousand years later people came from Egypt and Mauritania and dropped off artifacts here and there.  These are northern Africans who we now know were skilled sailors, some of whom may have gotten caught in the Westerlies,  and  ended up in North America.

Illinois cave

So now we have all three of the human races accounted for here in America.   (and maybe some other human types.)  But that third racial group, called the Negroid, arrived in much greater numbers after Europeans began to settle the Americas.

How did this “much greater number” come about?    Now,  Africa was  divided into regions and kingdoms and tribes.  Some tribes dominated others and enslaved the ones they conquered.   The slaves were sold or traded to other African tribes.      Northern African and other people from around the Mediterranean traded with the African slave traders to obtain their supply of slaves.

Slave trade was well-established among the Africans long before the Europeans began exploring the “New World.”

A slave trade was also well-established among the Carib Indians and Central America before the Europeans came.

Long afterwards,   the British colonies and then the United States came into being.    The  slave traders made use of the African tribes who were known to be skillful at raiding villages and capturing the people for their slave trade.

The Church has several saints who were African slaves in South America and North America and who dedicated their lives to alleviate the hardships imposed by the evil slave traders.   Christians had long been at work to eliminate slavery, and finally did so, at least in the Christian West,   in the 19th century.      Abraham Lincoln himself enlisted the aid of the abolitionists to energize his war against the southern states.

So here’s where my interest in the Windover people takes me:      They were here, first in time as far as we now know,  from Europe.   Then the Asians, the ancestors of the “Native Americans”  came to the northwest coast of our country and spread eastward.    The Africans came first as explorers (inadvertent or not, the jury is out on that one, but since they sailed up the Mississippi River,  I tend to think they were explorers and traders too),  and then the Africans were brought here in greater number last of all.

What I learned?  

1.   All three races have had a long-term presence on this continent.

2.   Slavery has existed from time immemorial for many, many thousands of years.  “From time immemorial”  simply means such a long time ago that we don’t know when it started.

3.   Oh, and by the way,   human action didn’t cause the amazing global warming trend that melted the glaciers.

bar simnple graded gray linesThere is an epilogue:

Immediately before and during my own lifetime,  I witnessed a segregation which was slowly dissolving.   In the 1930s through the 1950s “Africans”  (if we must call them that today) were gaining in social and economic status.  they were graduating from colleges and universities as doctors, dentists, lawyers, professors — all the professions, really.   In greater and greater numbers they were joining the middle class.

I grew up next to calm, peaceful “African”  neighborhoods in Chicago which were safe enough for me to roller skate through if I had to.  The front porches were filled with children playing,   Daddies sitting nearby, Mamas ruling over everything.   I didn’t feel I fit in, but that was all right, I had my own neighborhood to go back to.

In the 1950s the Republican party wrote legislation to assure them equal status before the law, legally removing segregation and other restrictions.

The Democrats fought these laws like crazy.    They were deep into racist ideas and groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.   The Democrats finally gave in,  The Republicans won,  the legislation was passed.    (Look it up.)     Southern Democrat governors fought integration —

But sadly the story is taken up by a false narrative now.    The Civil Right Movement began,  unrelated to the Civil Rights Laws and very uncivil,  agitating for power, telling “Africans’  they weren’t able to go to college or hold jobs or live in families,  because . . . because . . .  I don’t know what reasons were given.    Not any true reasons.

And the “Africans” in our country are now victims of a different kind of racism —  “You aren’t able to take care of yourselves so you must rely on the government to support you.”

What on earth is going on in the news media today?   What is going on in the minds of the racist leaders who regularly perform for the news media?

A sad story indeed.


June 22, 2015

Although I just wrote in the last post that the issue of what goes on inside a murderer is “complex,”  and although I watched carefully the face of Dylann Roof while he heard his victims’ families forgive him,  I do not mean to suggest what his fate should be.   However, a duly-constituted*   State authority has the right to impose the death penalty on a man convicted of a serious crime against society.

This is permitted because it’s the State’s duty to protect the rest of society.    But an execution?   To what effect?

African-Methodist-Episcopal church building:


The families of the victims in Charleston forgave Dylann Roof.       Although their denomination split off from a denomination which split off from a denomination which split off from the Church,   one of the things they  carried with them is the effect of forgiveness upon the forgiven person.

A historical example:

About 113 years ago  (our modern era, actually)  three women were found dead in an apartment in Paris, France.    Well, two women and a young girl.     I’ll spare you the photographs,  but they were savagely murdered and mutilated by a jewel thief.   Here he is:

Henri PranziniHis name is Henri Pranzini.  He was quickly caught, arrested, and convicted, and sentenced to death.

Henri convicted

His crime was a newspaper sensation.   (Nothing has changed much, has it!)

Pranzini headlinesAll the media at the time (newspapers)  picked it up, even the New York times.

Everyone talked about it!

Henri affair

Among the followers of this crime story was an innocent, holy,  somewhat sheltered young teenager,  14 years old,   known to us now as St. Therese Of Lisieux.    She was a normal, happy, healthy young lady in every way, but in addition,  she felt the call of God, the call to holiness, and more importantly,  she answered that call.

Henri's therese

She didn’t follow the story of Henri Pranzini for the sake of the sensation;  she followed it because she had compassion on him and prayed for his conversion.   She, too, knew Hell is real and final.   Here are her words explaining her interest in this man, a stranger to him in every way, as she wrote in her autobiography:

“Everything led to the belief that he would die impenitent. I wanted at all costs to keep him from falling into hell, and to succeed I employed all means imaginable, feeling that of myself I could do nothing. I offered to God all the infinite merits of Our Lord.”

Indeed, Pranzini was a gruff and unrepentant man.

St. Therese was a concerned and persistent young lady!

Her prayers were for his conversion to God,  not for escaping his punishment.      But it seemed like a lost cause.   The media reported that Pranzini refused to talk to a priest, right up to the end.  St. Therese prayed all the harder for him.

On August 31, 1887,  Pranzini was led up the steps to the guillotine which would take his life.

guillotineTherese read about his execution the next day in the newspaper.     Eyewitness reports said that Pranzini bent down, began to put his head under the blade — and then quickly turned aside to the priest that was assigned to him, and took the crucifix, kissing three times the wounds of Christ in a heartfelt sign of his trust in Christ and in Christ’s forgiveness — even for a hardened, guilty sinner like he.

St. Therese, even at this age, took this to mean that he had repented and accepted forgiveness, and she wrote of him as her “first child” — the first conversion her prayers had brought about.    It appears that this “terrible” man is going to Heaven!

Jesus answers prayers.   Jesus forgives the best of us and the worst of us.     And followers of Jesus must do as He does, or we are no followers of Him.   Yes, I think I understand the families who forgave last week, and I understand the power of prayer to bring someone to forgiveness.

Intercessor or victim or criminal:   forgiveness is everybody’s business.

bar simnple graded gray lines*   Duly-constituted governmental authority,  whether democratically elected or monarchy,  but not a governing force created by revolution and imposed on the citizens.    Revolutionary governments, though powerful,  must kill off their ideas of political enemies,  as for instance in the 20th century where the murder tally of revolutionary governments exceed one hundred million.    This is not “capital punishment,”   this is murder-by-government.


June 22, 2015

And lot has happened since I’ve been “away”!       Many things in the news, many comments to make, but I’m glad I didn’t make comments on current events as they were occurring because I’ve had time to reflect.

roof We’ve had  this familiar face:  slightly odd haircut, fixed, staring eyes,  a history of heavy drug use, both  illegal and prescribed.    This “version” of a drugged, dazed young man with staring eyes who committed mass murder is named Dylann Roof.      Like James Holmes before him, staring eyes, drugged, dazed.   Like … others who can’t remember or even imagine ever doing what they did.

(Anyone remember the loving mother in Texas who “inexplicably”  killed her four children?   How about the loving teenage grandson in Tennessee maybe,   so close to his grandmother,  but who killed her one day –  no signs of trouble.  “Unexplainable.” )

Package labeling on his prescribed medications:   “Side Effects –  Suicide.   Homicide.   Outbursts of homicidal activity. ”      Think back to all the unexpected, unexplained mass murderers that you can remember.     All taking these same category of Prescribed Drugs.

What happens to their brains?   Are they able to think normally?  Arrested development?

There is a lot of talk about why the Charleston shooting happened.    The word “forgiveness” has been heard a lot.

There seem to be two categories:  First, the people who are very sure of the reasons why this happened (guns, racism, a historic flag, etc.).   They seem to be the ones who say they do not, cannot,  will not forgive this young man.    They say he doesn’t deserve forgiveness.    They call for his death like the Old Testament prophets:  “an eye for an eye. . . ”   which modern secularists think means “vengeance.”

The other category of people I’ve noticed offer no sure-fire reason for what happened,   and yet they are the ones offering total forgiveness for this young man.

I think I understand them.    Hell lasts a very, very long time, and the short time we have here is our only opportunity for repentance, as many in that   A.M.E.  church in Charleston understood.

Hearing his victims’ families –

Roof CourtThe young man was placed before cameras and speakers and stood while he listened to the families of the victims speak of their grief and hurt and of their forgiveness for him.

He started out with that mask of a face, staring,  seemingly without feeling.   But as he listened, I noticed that mask-like expression,   uh,  softening somehow.   It was like the voices of the family and the repetition of the word “forgive” affected him, maybe for the first time.   Yes, his visage changed as he was listening, changed very slightly,   but changed definitely.   Is this the first time he’s heard the word “forgiveness”  aimed at him?

As I watched him, I thought he looked like someone who for the first time was confronting a world that is larger than the one his mind lived in.   Real people.   Real human feelings.   Real law and justice system.  A very big real world that exists outside of his own comprehension.

Certainly his mental, emotional, and intellectual development was slowed down and stopped at an age equivalent to a middle school kid.     The young guilty man thinks like a 12 year old, or younger, copying a distorted portion of the world around him.     But now he’s confronted by fully mature, adult Reality.

I have no conclusions but just observations of many complex issues within murderers.

The only thing I’m certain of is the healing and life-giving power of “the forgiveness part.”

Forgiveness not given becomes a place of festering toxic emotion inside a person, sometimes well hidden, sometimes for a very long time,  but festering and health-sapping all the same.     It closes up one’s soul.

 Forgiveness given produces freedom and healing and power for living.    It enlarges one’s soul.

There is a universal and eternal Principle at work here:     “Forgive us our trespasses    as   we forgive those who trespass against us.”

This isn’t for you  –

crucifix                –  if you won’t forgive.


June 17, 2015

The evening deepens.  My back yard grows dark.  A last beam of sunlight lights up the trees.

 Sorry to be away so long.   I’m not normally withdrawn.  I’ve been “dammed up” for a while.  Oh, I met my social and “business” obligations and seemed normal  (I think)  but in between I couldn’t reach out on my own initiative.   Maybe health issues.    My health went from bad to not-worse. . . getting better, probably.    That takes a little adjustment.

Everyone needs a little inwardness once in a while.

Each time I felt “communicative” again,  I never got further than sitting down at the keyboard.    And then I walked away.   I’d sit at the piano, and then walk away with touching a key.     Who knows why?

But like my back yard in the evening —

        —     this time of the year the sun  finds a space between the houses to shine its sunbeam before all goes dark.

And each time this ever-darkening Scandinavian psyche of mine withdrew into comfortable gloom,  some bright sunshine nudged me awake.

Here’s where you all come in.     What were these little nudging sunbeams of mine?

. . . .an awfully nice friend who met with me for “coffee” and some good meandering conversation.

. . . .some awfully nice companionship and conversation with Son, one evening out on our deck

. . . .an awfully nice friend who shares her music skills with me with music we both love, followed by a beautiful tea in her English garden

. . . .an awfully nice friend who called just to ask something, to discuss a problem, and to have a conversation

. . . .an awfully nice Cousin in the Far Far North, that keeps our remaining family together with oh, so interesting information

. . . .awfully nice classes who, though they may look at me askance sometimes they keep their questions to themselves, while carrying on normal conversation

. . . .an awfully nice friend who will be visiting soon after his cross-country driving trip to visit family and friends here;  looking forward to his (our) high-speed conversation

. . . .an awfully nice sister who also carries on rapid-fire conversations with me,  informative and interesting and lots of laughter

You get the idea.  You could be any one of those people to someone else who is on some sort of unexpected, unexplainable retreat.   Just be your normal good self.

I don’t know what was happening or when it would stop.  Perhaps I was on some sort of Healthy Retreat,  but I came out of it “with a little help from my friends.”   Literally.

Now it’s my turn.  My turn to be a friend.   To carry on a steady and normal friendship with the people I know.    Because being a friend is good medicine too.

Now that the dam has broken open and my need for solitude seems to be at an end,   I have a lot of pent-up observations to make here in The Spruce Tunnel.    Look out!

 I think I can find some sunlight on a few branches.


June 4, 2015

(I shall return to nice and beautiful postings next time.   But “nice and beautiful” doesn’t mean Ignorant.)
” It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party.”      (George Orwell, warning us.)

The governing of America in these past few decades is thus:   American citizens vote for representatives who will represent them to make beneficial laws,  which then a Dictator  (persons or things)  will  disregard and present to those representatives another set of laws, rules, ordinances, regulations, etc.,  for which— if the representatives agree to do this for the Dictator —  they will get richly rewarded.

Put simply:  

Dictator proposes the Law for Americans, and then enforces that Law onto his subjects.

This is not only Central Planning,  it is ruthless Central Planning.

An example of this Dictatorial Central Planning,   love it or die,    is (The Fast Track Trade Bill deal.  Just remember:  T I S A. and it’s associated with the Trans-Pacific  trade deal. )

I follow a lot of the news aggregate sites, mostly just to glance at the headlines so I can see what issues people are talking about today.   No great interest in things that I can’t control.

But I’ve noticed a lot of headlines recently about the new trade bill that is being forced onto us.   We’re supposed to say, “Oh, we love it.”   Oh, this will be good for our country.”    “Oh, free, open, indiscriminate trade deals are good for our own workers.”     Etc.

(Attitudes disseminated through the Dictator’s media personnel.  An attempt at public mind manipulation.)

Here is the Trade Bill.

Well, I don’t mean “here.”   I mean it got put into the basement of the Capitol building . . .

And no elected legislators can see it!!!!   . . .   unless they are escorted by guardians of the Dictator,  and they have to leave behind all recording devices,  cell phones, camera,  recorders, paper, notepads, and pens. . .  and check in alone, without their usually ever-present aides and assistants or secretaries.

Alone.  Escorted.  Without any memory aids.

Then in the presence of the guardians,  they may read some pages of the Bill,  a page or two at a time,  as they request.

But no notes or memory devices.

This is a big Bill with many pages.

Some lawmakers were heard protesting this treatment.

Oh, yes, and no one from the press and no private citizen is allowed to read any of it.   Not even without our memory aids.

MAP  western direction

“The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific Rim trade deal that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would fast-track is currently being kept in secret in the basement of the U.S. Capitol and press and the public are not allowed to read it.”    

But it gets worse:

This from Forbes

“Under the draft provisions of the latest trade deal to be leaked by Wikileaks, countries could be barred from trying to control where their citizens’ personal data is held or whether it’s accessible from outside the country.

“Wikileaks has released 17 documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), currently under negotiation between the US, the European Union and 23 other nations. These negotiating texts are supposed to remain secret for five years after TISA is finalized and brought into force.”

That is,  we’re sharing our private data with the European Union, thusly:    “EU privacy regulations currently require companies to store EU citizens’ personal data locally, to make sure they comply with the region’s strict legal requirements for data processing.”

How destructive is this trade bill to Americans?    How can we know?      Even our elected officials are not allowed to discuss it.   Yet.   Maybe if they follow the Constitution in defiance of our Rulers they will.

But so far,  we are being governed, not by the people whom we’ve elected,  Legislative and Executive branches,  but by . . . (?)


I hate these things.  I fear them.  They are all over our computers, inside our cell phones, our tablets and laptops.   I hate them because they are opposed to the  3300 year old teachings which I adhere to,  and these bots search them out.    And though I am the mildest and least harmful, least active  of citizens,  I appear to them (falsely) as an enemy.

So I will not very often report on what others are telling us about current events anymore, because these are the kinds of dismaying and rather frightening things I’m reading about.   You can read those things if you’re interested,   but I will revert back to my training in history and find relevant historical periods which – since we don’t seem to remember them — we are doomed to repeat them.

Remember “Caligula”  means Little Boots.   (“Caliga” –  the heavy,  hob-nailed boots or sandals worn by Roman)   And remember George Orwell warned us that “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”   All his relevant quotations are here:      Spend a little time with him.

If you’ve read this far,  you can probably endure this photo and caption:

The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy — everything.

The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy — everything.

Note that Christianity  is that “old civilization”  founded on Love and Justice.

“Central Planning:   love it or die.”

How did American citizens become American subjects?


June 1, 2015

RECORDERIt’s June now.    A whole little bundle of Time we call a month.  I’ve never yet found a good definition of Time, but I sure know how to appreciate it, and so much so that I know why people call it a gift.    I’ve had to scale back some of my ordinary activities in April and May due to physical . . .unpleasantness; and now, as June starts, I may be getting better, and I find I can concentrate on some new interests.

So here’s one new activity that reminds me to use my remaining Time for worthwhile interesting things:

 A few months ago, a long-time friend whom I had lost contact with for a while encouraged me to learn how to play the recorder so that she and I could play together somewhat regularly.     There’s my dark brown recorder on the center of my music.  My friend plays both alto and soprano recorder, so when we play together we can sometimes hear the full range of this lovely little instrument.   Really, there is no sound quite like the recorder.  It’s just made for the pleasing sounds of early Western music.

I read music,  but learning the fingering of a new instrument is more of a challenge than I thought!

Fingering ChartThe movement from music on the page, to brain, to fingering chart, back to brain, to fingers, to the recorder does not always happen simultaneously;  meaning that the fingers play slower than the music goes.  Figure that out.

(You wouldn’t notice if I’d just stick to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.)

But that’s what comes with doing something new.   I’m in a new phase of reading Latin now too,  so instead of saying “Wow, I think I’m getting the hang of this” —   now I’m back to the brain-strain phase of learning a  language.

There are a few other new projects I’ve got going that seem to be oh, so possible as this new month starts.

But there is a more important project for me.  This isn’t just any ol’ new month,  it’s June — the month that Christendom has associated with The Sacred Heart of Jesus.   Although that particular image meant nothing but sentimentality to me in my younger days,  now I know that it is so rich in meaning that for centuries people  far smarter than I have written deep and inspired books about that very theme;   and a knowledge of what it means has guided people into pathways of holiness – without which we cannot see Heaven.

Heart + Flames of Fervor + Thorns of Pain + Drops of Blood +  Altar for Sacrifice (Cross)

sc image

The “sacred” is easy to understand;  that is His holiness, and holiness is of God alone.   But the “Heart” part is one that I’m working on, and will do so with great diligence this month.    “Heart”  refers to the Love of God and His will to love us, individually.       “For God so loved the world . . . ”  is a familiar phrase.   But it really means that God loved a world of individuals;  each singular unique individual person;  no exceptions.

sc stainedd g

Okay, but “Love.”     I’m not sure I have a good definition of Love either, although I know how Love acts and I know how to show Love and I know  how it feels to  Love someone – a lot.   But it’s being on the receiving end that is the point of the Sacred Heart – indicating an intimate one-on-one contact so close and caring that there is a union of the two, God and our soul,  Creator and the cherished created one.

Individual attention:

sc intimate

Of course Christianity has a communal aspect:  love your neighbor, etc.     But the First Great Commandment is actually between you and God and it is to Love God with all your being and strength.  It’s  Love for God unto Unity.  It’s a Unity with Love that is fervent,  intense, and self-sacrificing, that burns away anything that is not of God.  The Love from the Sacred Heart makes all things New and Beautiful.

And that’s a big project for the month of June!