WHY I’M NOT LEAVING . . . (more below)

Heartfelt thanks to a friend who alerted me to this situation.   (And the “situation” seems urgent and in need of explanation.)

WHY . . .  (full title)  —

 It was brought to my attention that there is a banner appearing across the top of the page I am now using.  The banner uses these colors:

fantasy landFantasy Land.   A place where happiness does not actually exist.

Of course, this is against my will.    So why don’t I leave this place and go write “somewhere else” ?

I’ve thought about this.   I remembered the Catholics who lived under the Roman Empire in the first few centuries —   then, as now,   they were told by our Master to pay their taxes to Caesar, knowing full well what the caesars do with the money.

I go to my public library which offers books and DVDs which contain content with highly offensive  illicit sexual activities and moral turpitude of all kinds.

I even shop at grocery stores and pharmacies which offer material which “celebrates”    illicit sexual and drug activity among the “celebrities”  and how-to magazines. . . .  as well as actual paraphernalia relating to illicit sexual activity.

I have not yet received any Divine Calling to retreat to an isolated desert location – away from all this.

For a similar reason,  I will not leave this blog program because of their not-so-subtle BULLYING and MENTAL INTIMIDATION staring me in the face.

I won’t  “rejoice” with these triumphant  people,   but I will use my writing as a MAGIC MIRROR –  to reflect back  in their direction words  needed to  counter . . .  such things.

Actually,  I’ve been doing this right along, but without the personal, individual, clearly intimidating message staring at me in my face.

One more thing:   I’ve always meant to apologize for the rather cryptic (to me) message that  “Your readers may see advertisements here in this place.”   Have you?       Have you seen any offensive advertising?    I don’t see them, if any.   Please let me know.

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