I took this photo one night a couple months ago on my way in to our class.


Our class’s  building is behind the church which is in deep shadows.    Across the street from us is our state capitol building,  bright and gleaming white.   Dominating the scene.

A fitting metaphor for what we can no longer ignore.

The very Church which originated with the Son of God, come to earth 2,000 years ago, and which gave to the world the best of pagan civil and philosophical knowledge and the best of Jewish moral and religious revelation, and the best inspired synthesis of both,   resulting in such principles as Rule of Law,  Equal Treatment before the Law,   Objective Reality,    all humans equally  subject to the judgment of God,   Right and Wrong based upon discoverable and discernible human  intellectual abilities,   the Dignity of All Humans,  care and protection of the Weak, the Sick, the Aged, and the Very Young . . .   and so much more that forms the basis of a safe and stable society —

—   All this promoted and promulgated by the Church,  all this is rejected now, at last, by a society acting triumphant over Her.

Rejected, so that this American society has no more foundation to stand on than the giant mushroom in Wonderland which supported the caterpillar who stated outright: “Words mean whatever I want them to mean.”      (Or is that our Ruler’s “Sup_eme”  Cou**  that I’m quoting?)   No longer do words “mean” anything beyond which an irrational,  maniacal mob wishes it to mean.

Does this nation really want to give up those things  which provides stability and safety and a good way to improve what needs to be improved?   Do we really want to be ruled by poll numbers that are created by our Rulers – a kind of technological Mob Rule?

Mob rule tore  France apart in 1789.  It was a very bloody revolution, and France flounders yet today,   weakened and rapidly disappearing under an assault by foreign elements who do not care what “France” once was.

 So what does this have to do with a Sunday?

st peterMob rule is chaos;  dangerous,   confusing,   violent,  oppressive, eventually bloody chaos.       If there is no authority higher than your Ruler,  whoever he may be,  there will then follow mob rule —  rule  by numbers.  The majority oppressing and stamping out the minority.

Authority.      God has final authority equally over us all.   What kind of God would leave us to flounder around by ourselves?

He didn’t.    He is in charge;   He is returning.   And He’s left someone here to represent Him.   Like St. Peter in the photo above.

Almost 2,000 years ago he wrote these words which we once again heard in Church today:    “….. (be) ready always to satisfy every one that asks you a reason of that hope which is in you.”

As the State overshadows the Church and society becomes our enemy, we will more and more have to decide what we believe — and we are admonished to be able to explain – to those who ask –  why we believe what we do.     The Church’s doctrines are based upon Reason and Revelation both;  two compatible phenomena.

Be ready!      I’ve written before that if you don’t know what the Truth is,  there are plenty of people ready to tell you what you should think.

Otherwise you will go along with the crowd, eager to be ruled by polls and trends, eager to be part of the majority which oppresses and stamps out the minority.   And eventually you’ll be the minority.

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