(With harmless love and concern):

I’m going to assume  most people, at least nearly everyone under the age of 45, have not read any of Dante’s Comedy trilogy.  (I was there, as a public school teacher, when the de-education of American students began.   It was an astonishing achievement:  the dumbing down of a well-educated nation while at the same time making them think they were the “smartest generation”  that ever lived! )

The Marxist-Socialist-Modernist revolution began, so small at first, before the French Revolution in the 18th century.   Revolution was in the air!  The 19th century was one of nearly constant success for this Revolution,  political, philosophical, and religious.  Anything that came before must be pulled down and anything that was “new”   must be put in its place.*

The 20th century has seen the almost worldwide success of this Revolution-Against-All-Things.   It’s not been slow, because from Satan’s perspective,  time is not an issue.   But it took a little time to boil those human frogs.

Marxists Understand Each Other:

2 Marxists understanding each otherNo one is born a marxist revolutionary;  they are trained (and de-educated)  to be that way.

And they are in complete accord with each other, having the same goals.

2 marxists side by side

Now to Dante and the pope, et al.

Dante, an Italian writer, wrote a trilogy called The Divine Comedy.**    In the part called the Inferno  (Hell), Dante describes in livid detail the various sins and the exact, appropriate, everlasting punishment for each sin.  (“Not appropriate for children under 13” – to read!)

The very bottom, most intense horrible punishment is given to the Usurers and to the Sodomites.     Their place, for all eternity, is in the lowest circle of Hell with the most hideous torments.   (By the way, it is not God who torments them . . . .)

Now, Christians and Jews have long been taught  that at the End of the World,  wickedness and evil will “greatly increase.”    Modernists (revolutionaries)   call this “Progress”  and are taught to welcome it.

The pope, marxist trained and certainly “progressive” in his thinking,  has issued a letter to all bishops (an encyclical called Laudato si’ )  proclaiming that the world needs to pull together under a One World Governance supported by and facilitated by a  One World Economic system — led by the world’s most dictatorial Usurers, of course,  the various World Banks.  These are our International Global Banks which can control and punish the world with their weapon of (unaffordable) Lending and  Usury.

(We see this today in several third-world nations which are faced with the choice to change their sovereign internal laws, especially regarding the Family, the protection of children, and the  practice of sexual immorality of various kinds — or else receive no needed money for development and/or pay ruinous fines to the World Banks.)

The popes in recent times seem to have been unable to uphold Catholic teaching concerning the most basic unit of every society:    the Family.   Man.  Woman.  Possibly children.   Possibly other blood relatives.    The popes have sat back and watched the Catholic seminaries fill with sodomites, some “secret,”  some aggressive,  with an agenda to change the Church’s teachings on Marriage, the Family, and all the other teachings as well.

Along the way,  these types of grown men have not been able to restrain their sexual “inclinations” for pubescent male children and have given rise to the pederasty scandal of the last fifty or sixty years –  when Church teaching was hijacked from within — and greatly relaxed.

I’m speaking present-day magnitude here, not  scattered and occasional incidents of various degrees throughout the last millennium.

Nevertheless, on these larger two issues people must be de-educated :

1.   Global World Governance is the only way to assure “peace and order in this world.”

2.   Global economic dominance is the only way to assure “equal distribution of wealth.”     And you’re guilty guilty  guilty if you don’t contribute . . .

All it takes is a little self-education, a little disconnection from Group-Think, and Eyes Wide Open and Unafraid in order to see that:

1.    Growing World Governance leads to World Dominance,  World Dictatorship  (it must, or it wouldn’t work) and two things stand in it way and must be destroyed:   the sovereignty of nations and the basic unit of every nation, the Family.

2.     By experience and by design our money that they demand from us never gets to those in need but enriches those elite economic leaders beyond our wildest imaginations.   By experience we know this.

You must elevate, Sir Pope and Sir Barack-Hussein person,  any group who will help break down the Family and any law that dissolves national sovereignty,  any anti-Family group,  any trade agreement that is anti-sovereign national laws. . . .

(What do you think they were doing while they were directing our attention to various sensational local crimes and prison breaks in these past few months?)     Public media is the greatest tool of de-education.

Keep your eye on the person they put into the office of our presidency who says he has “lots to do”  before he leaves.  Keep your eye on the pope’s Synod on the “Family”   in the Fall of 2015.

Dante,  observe this pope and the marxist matrix of his friends.

Let us keep our eyes on Dante Alighieri and the general outline of the human drama and the consequences of two great human sins:  Dominance over others and Perversion of God’s creative power as reflected by the Family.

bar simnple graded gray lines


*   the “smartest generation”  that ever lived! ”    Thus promoting an attitude of arrogance and rule rather than one of humility and service.    And “to rule”  may merely mean that you think you are on the winning, “ruling,” side.

Please do look up and read the Communist Manifesto or the Humanist Manifesto.

**   The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso … 

In poetic form with vivid details it presents the entire drama of the human race:  Our Fall from the Creator’s original intentions; sin and its consequences (Hell);  grace and its consequences.

There is nothing “funny” in this trilogy but It’s called a comedy because in spite of the general human rejection of the Creator  (that would be God the Father),  yet He has provided a pathway back to Him.     For those who would.

We speak in love to those who call us their enemies.    We must speak out in love and caring and concern to those  who wish to Dominate Over all those who disagree — and most importantly, to all those who do not know God or do not which to serve Him, unto their own everlasting salvation.   They will die, some day.   We all will.  Perhaps we’ll all meet Dante, himself.

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