I mean to use those quotation marks around “hilarious.”     “Hilarious”  depends totally on your point of view in this Party Game.

It occurred to me that maybe some of you like to have your friends over in the summertime, maybe for a little conversation and drinks,  maybe for a little party,  maybe for a big party . . . .    So here’s a game which is sure to produce a lot of laughter — darn it.

It goes like this:  

(No fair practicing ahead of time):

When you have two or four or lots of people together, give everyone a piece of paper and a pen (or pencil without an eraser)    Hubbie and I hosted a party one time of about 16;   eight or so couples, if I remember correctly.     Eight of Hubbie’s high school buddies, with their wives,  and with lots of food and drink.    Eight of Hubble’s high school troglodyte buddies,  who were quick to notice the superior abilities of themselves over their wives  “in some things.”   

So the mood was just right for this mixed group of friends.

The instructions are to draw on that paper, with that pen,  a bicycle.

Just one bicycle.

Most of the guys said,   “Ohhhh.    Okay.    Here.”

bikes for big boys

All the women took the challenge seriously  and worked hard with their pens, silent,  concentrating . . .  drawing to the sound of    “Aren’t you done yet?”     “Hey, this isn’t art class!”     “Let’s go have a drink while the women finish.”      (“Women” not being entirely complimentary at that point.

Yes.  Well, when we women announced that we were done,  the men reassembled around us, and then we all had to show our “bicycles” to each other.      Mine was a pretty neat-looking drawing.   I don’t have great drawing ability,   but this looked like a pretty good bicycle.

(I was cleaning out some old boxes of papers today and came across a couple of actual drawings from that day.  I claim neither of these.  I think.)


At the first the guys were saying,  “Hey, you drew your bike when we were kids!”        “I had a bike like that one time….”       “I just drew the one I want to buy some day.”  

And then the guys noticed our bikes:    “Hey, what’s that supposed to be?”   (chuckle, chuckle)     “Hey come here — Look what my wife drew!”    (laughter)     “No, come here look at this one!”    (big laughter)    “Ha ha ha ha ha — how’s that supposed to work?”     (big group male laughter)      ” Hey, haven’t you ever rode a bike before?”       ( Hysterical.   Uncontrollable.   Laughter.)

Yeah,  mine was ridiculed too.   Those guys were on a roll.   They could hardly get any words out;  they were . . . snorting incoherently.

Perplexed,  I asked Hubbie what was wrong with my drawing.     That attracted a small group of guys.   Other wives were asking the same question.

Armed with pens and pencils, the guys descended on our drawings . . . 



              . . . . and proceeded to give us “instructions”  about where the lines should have gone.   This picture shows some incomprehensible diagrams that are supposed to help us understand where we went wrong.   

It was a really funny game,  depending on your perspective.

I’ll have to say, “we women”  joined in the laughter too when our obvious inability to draw a working bicycle became apparent even to us.   I’ve tried this in smaller groups,  different kinds of get-togethers, and the result is always the same.  The majority of the guys — all of them, I’d say —  could draw a perfect bicycle.    The majority of the women couldn’t.

bike pinkAhhhh….  if only I could practice enough . . .  .darn it.

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