A weekend meditation.

The last two posts have been fun and beautiful:  friendship, music, and flowers.      I suppose this posting could come under a positive and happy  category too.     It is about the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas  (et al.)  being vindicated during the pope’s trip in South America.   It’s always positive and encouraging when you realize that Catholic philosophy is true philosophy and it “works” in real life.


The “et al.”  phrase begins with Aristotle of Ancient Greece who distilled the studies of Natural Law into understandable, workable principles.     Just one of his many sound declarations is that man’s intellect is informed by his senses.  That is, our five senses by which we experience the real world around us.   (Taste, touch, sight….etc)

Put into modern terms,  if our intellect is the software,  then our five senses provide the data which the software starts working on.   I think that would be a close analogy.

St. Thomas Aquinas affirmed this fact and gave us beautiful understandings of the way Natural Law and Divine Revelation work together in harmony for an even greater understanding of us and of our universe.   After all,  Natural Law is simply all the principles of interaction that were laid down at Creation.     The two sciences, philosophy and theology, with all their subcategories are n perfect harmony.

And what’s more,  they provide the foundation for a stable and productive civilization — which lasted until the 18th and into the 19th century, when some philosophers castrated the Philosophy which produced their world.   (I don’t have a photograph[h of that!)

With a little help from the Evil One, the philosophers who  discarded philosophy corrupted the philosophy departments of many universities and then these corrupt philosophies, now separated from principles of reason  then rejected  the idea that we can know anything outside of our own minds . . .   and thus gave rise to the most murderous and most insane century of all,  the 20th century.

Reason-less philosophies give us the Will-To-Power and Might-Makes-Right —  and  puts All Power into the hands of the State,  whoever wields governmental authority in a nation — and developing now,  a one world governance with All-Power and jurisdiction over Everything and Everyone.    No Ruler is subjected to a Higher Authority than himself.  No equality there.

Quite a Brave New World!

This urge to  Power-Over-All  also gave rise to the various Revolutionary political movements:   Liberalism of the French Revolution kind, (Left-Right politics),   communism of Marx and Engels,  Fabianism,  Progressivism,  National Socialism,   Soviet Socialism,  and other local political “parties.”

Which brings us to South America, where the secular and religious Ruling class of each country are thorough Revolutionaries,  which obtain and retain their Power through Revolutions.      Revolutions brought about by bloody civil warfare.

I  No War Poster

Aquinas in South America?   Well, yes.   Everywhere.      The intellect not only receives”data” from our five senses,  but then it proceeds to “think” in images.     The human intellect works with images.

Images such as this recent photo:

Pope receives hammerA gift,  from the Marxist Ruler of Bolivia to a Liberation Theology trained Religious Ruler.     The Hammer-and-Sickle/cross.

Ever notice how Leftist Rulers need to silence their critics with vicious ad hominem attacks and threats?     So — I make no criticism.  It is what it is.    The pope handed the presumably heavy gift back with some unintelligible words, understandable only by agenda-driven and hopeful commenters.

pope around neckGift handed back,  the medallions on the pope’s chest is revealed   a smaller replica of a Hammer-and-Sickle/cross design.

All the discussion about this scene,  all the explanations,  the shock,  the denials, all the words these images have engendered are a vindication of the permanent  correctness of classic,  Catholic, thinking:     Aristotle and Aquinas say our minds do their work with images.  Our minds work to discover the Truth of the matter.

We live in  an objective and real world and Truth can be discovered.    What is Truth?

I’ve written it here before:   Truth is the adequation of the human mind with external (objective) reality.

Be careful when you think about current events!   Ideologies and agendas must  ignore objective reality.

Don’t go insane on us!

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