The last day I was able to use my back deck was June 26.    And then the yellow jackets moved in.     Three cans of wasp spray later, I admitted defeat.   Called a very good national pest control company —  and they treated it like an emergency!

Within hours of getting my call,  the man showed up —


Discreet, I hoped.  Don’t want the neighbors thinking I have cooties in the house.

Very nice man;  local man;  everyday, common neighborly man.     He works for a national company — oh, I’ll name it:  he works for  the Rose Pest Control company….I think is their name.    ( I’ve been accidentally saying Rose Law firm ever since, but that’s just because politics is in the air.   You know — the one who has committed felonies and has ignored three subpoenas and is still not in handcuffs.)

Here’s my pest problem:


The nice man from Rose got right to work —

 He had some powdered poison —


And he used a spray with a long delivery tube that got way back in where the wasp nests probably was.

Poor man was sneezing and coughing for a while.    He worked for way longer than the time he estimated.    I was glad for that because he was doing a thorough job.

You wait.  you get bored — almost — and then you let your imagination kick in.   After a while, it seemed like I was being visited by curious spacemen.

Spacesuits  wherever I looked.   Light sabers?


Around the corner, across the deck –

Even way down there —

The man told me many  interesting things about these bees, their life cycle,  their food,  the role of the queen,  but I actually learned another good lesson — or I saw a good lesson in action.  The man had lost everything about fifteen years ago —  wife,  custody of his children,  bank account,  even his house.    (Divorce, American style.)

He had to start from nothing.   In desperation he got a job with the Rose company, a very low level filling-the tanks, cleaning up after the technicians kind of job.    And then they let him go out on a few pest control jobs.  And then he learned about what he was doing and began to enjoy the work.

He considered it a challenge to learn all he could about the various pests, and he came to appreciate nature,  and keeping things under control,  and he learned that this is a worthwhile,  much-appreciated occupation.   He stuck with it and is earning a decent living for himself right now.

I’m  college educated.   It means nothing towards the dignity and worth of an individual..  It just gave me a needed license to do what I wanted to do (teach)  but for most necessary and very much needed jobs no college education is required.   Where would we be without our auto mechanics our plumbers,  our electricians,  our HVAC men,   our asphalt experts — all those jobs which are vital for everyday living,  too numerous to mention them all.

I treat these people with utmost respect because they are essential to our society.     And, whenever I can,  I counsel young people to stay away from colleges and universities, if possible,  and train for a useful profession that they can become good at.

That’s what I thought of when this good man returned the use of my back deck to me!


He’s  leaving.

I forgot about the screen.

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