Enjoy the humor.

But. . . .

It’s in a cat’s Nature to have whiskers.   In metaphysics nature means   Form or the Idea .

Sure, you can go against Nature,  and you can justify your actions by mindlessly absorbing the random thoughts that drift into your head from the surrounding culture.   “It would make you look sexy to shave off your whiskers!     You’ll be special!”

The cat is a sensate creature;  that is,  he navigates his world through his five senses.  Like we do.   His whiskers play a big part in Touch.

But humans have a nature too, and in addition to the five senses,  we have an intellect which animals don’t have, and we have a will to determine how we’re going to use the products of our intellect.

There are certain things we can’t do without when we use our intellect and choose our actions.    Just like the cool cat in the cartoon,  if we discard certain guiding principles from human society,  then we too will bump around into things, not quite knowing what’s going wrong.


Seven or eight thousand years ago (just using the period of Written History) humans used their senses and applied their intellects to discover and codify Natural Law.    Laws, or principles, are applied to the physical world and to human behavior  and these principles give us the possibility of all the sciences.

Using these objective principles we can go far.   Even to the Moon.  Or Mars — and beyond!


paradise    All ancient societies speak of a Golden Age, a  Paradise, followed by an abrupt Fall from Grace,  resulting in this present world of chaos,  confusion, danger, and darkened intellects.

Don’t doubt for a moment that  it’s the will and intention of the Good Creator to see us through, and to save those who are willing.

With “darkened intellects”  comes a need for Revelation,  which indeed comes to us in many ways.  Specific Divine Law, for example, infused into our general knowledge, and then finally given directly and specifically to Moses.   The Laws given to Moses were fulfilled and completed in Christ,  expanded and explained,  but not contradicted or changed.

mosesI’m thinking of a what a society would look like without the Ten Commandments . .  . .

In Catholic practice, Saturday is the day after the Crucifixion and we share the day with Mary in her sorrow,  her Son absent.   (Of course we get to have Sunday next!  But right now it’s Saturday for certain meditations.)

Here’s a little secret information:   Moses didn’t receive ten commandments from God-Most-high.    He received Words from God.   Words,  in phrases and sentences;  thirteen in all, if you count each one.

Moses received the Word of God;  and then centuries later the Word — the Logos — came down to earth to fulfill all the prophecies, all the commandments,  all that is necessary for the salvation of mankind.

Throw out the “Ten”  Commandments, you throw out Christ, the Son of God.

devil wins

What kind of world would that be?    I’ll be thinking of that in the following days here in the Spruce Tunnel.

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