Before I go on to the next Commandment, and then imagining what it would be like without it,  I want to tell you where I got the word from.

“Imagine.”    A song by the Beatles,   those young men who in their interviews tell us, from time to time, how their lyrics were inspired by spirit guides,  channeling,  UFO experiences, drugs, and other occult sources.   The melodies too are strangely and eerily compelling.   Sure, I’ve banged out a few Beatles songs on my piano —  but nor for long.   As attractive as the melodies are,  eventually they get to  a kind of hypnotic  repetition, like you’re stuck in a meaningless loop going nowhere (musically speaking).   Or the lyrics with the melody eventually evoke a sad, wistful longing for a “good”  that one has long since rejected (“Yesterday”)  — and can never quite get back again.     Jude can’t quite ever make it better.

But they keep trying.

(I”Imagine”  that there are no Ten commandments)   —

What does this mean for society?   One thing it means is that we are “free” to sell dead baby body parts, even though it is a felony and breaks three separate laws — but we can do it if we tell ourselves it is for “medical research”  — and it’s a good way to make a living.

What does it mean for our culture?   It means that we cannot safely trust our neighbors to have the same moral compass, the same ethical code,  that we have each devised, on our own.

What does it mean for nations and their leaders?       Here are some people who were free to rise,  free to rise all the way to the top,  whatever way they could,  without restraint.     (Because rejecting God means rejecting his restraints upon us,  right?   We – and our Rulers – are free to get whatever we want, right?)

CHART killed by dictatorsA little blurry, maybe,   but each drop of blood is a million people killed by atheistic, socialist dictators.   National socialist,   Marxist socialist, or Democratic socialist.   It doesn’t matter what they call themselves,   these leaders believe that the State is the Ruler over the people . . . and the State is the source of rights that the people have.  The State gives  rights to some people   — and therefore can take away these rights.   Even the Right to Life.

Over a hundred million citizens killed by their own governments in the murderous, largely atheistic 20th Century.

I’m sure you’ve seen those statistics before.

The  song “Imagine”   influenced us to imagine that the world could be better without “religion.”   Those who distort the meaning of the word religion, and who do not understand history, and are predisposed to reject God and His moral foundations for us.  we are to   “imagine”  a utopia filled with people holding hands and walking through the green grass . . .

.. . .   because people are “basically good”  and if religion just let them alone,  they would be free.   Free to do whatever they wanted.  Free to get whatever they wanted.

There is a  famous poster of the Beatles saying “Imagine  No  Religion” should truthfully carry the faces of the men in the chart.

It’s about one century after  the Frenchman Bastiat that I wrote about in the last posting  had written his observations of how his — and European  society in general —  were trending.    Just one century later.   Imagine:  no God.  No religion.   No moral restraints to follow.    And you have Power!

And the word utopia means:  No Place

A world without the First Commandment  is a dangerous place for created beings.   In the End,  it is unworkable.

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