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August 31, 2015

Turns out there are many ways to “imagine”  a world without the 8th Commandment.   Lies,  calumnies,  bias and distortions,  character assassinations,  deceptions, manipulations,  deliberate misdirections seem to be such a pervasive part of modern life that we just . . .   expect these kinds of things.

Dishonesty comes to us from many directions,  and never so powerfully than from the entertainment-news industry.   It was easy to write a few possible blog postings on this —   but dishonesty also came to me this morning with a humorous twist.  Giving credit to the source,   the following cartoons are from the Patriot Post newsletter  (URL below)*

How about their power to make one side look bad and the other side innocent?

Friends and EnemiesThree elements here,  two proven enemies of American life.

How about the media power to  protect or to demonize certain causes?

Gun damageThat  “MSM”   on the wall in the background stands for Main-Stream Media – a polite name for the entertainment news media industry.   “Drive-By media”  is another polite name, referring to the tendency of the news readers behind the microphone to read for you only the most shallow description of an event —  about as much as you would learn by driving quickly past the event,  but not even understanding the issues themselves.

Okay,  how about the power of the MSM, then,  to misdirect our attention, to  tell us who we ought to think the enemy is?

No oneknew he's gay

“Misdirect our attention.”    Now, this last one is near to my experience.   In one of my classes we talked about recent “news” stories.   They all showed the “approved”  emotional response to a recent shooting  (in the bottom photo),  but NOT ONE had heard from the entertainment-news media industry that the shooter was black and that he was gay and that he had left behind lots of writings that showed he was a racist and hated white people and that he was homosexual and  hated straight people.      (Not a Hate Crime, therefore;  just mentally ill, poor thing.)

Not one had heard that from their televisions or radio.

Sheeeesh!    (Pardon the language.)    It’s not their fault,  it’s the fault of the “Drive-By” media who themselves are prevented to look beyond the most superficial  descriptions of the event.

The entertainment-news programming is just that — programming for our minds.  Every one of the three-letter names of the various news services are meant to program correct thinking into us.

The entertrainment-news industry(no, that’s not a misspelling)   is in the service of the general overall Revolution which has taken down Western Civilization, and has given us a violent,  smut-filled, anti-religious biased version of a few of the events that have transpired in the world.

Programming.  Entrainment.

It’s not the nice people in front of the television camera or  in front of the microphones.   It’s the industry that’s in charge.  And the hands that run the industry.

IMAGINE a world where there is no 8th Commandment.   Not only could we not trust our own friends and family to tell us the truth,  but neither could we trust public news services.

But maybe —   maybe instead,  imagine a world in which the 8th Commandment is respected and honored.  imagine that harmfully deceptive public  programming that insults or calumniates anyone    — anyone! —    is illegal – and stopped — for the sake of public order and decency.    Maybe it would be a much easier world to live in, with the 8th Commandment respected.

8 forked tongue(They really do have forked tongues!)

*   You can find their Humor section as well as other sections that provoke thoughtfulness about current events on their website:  http://www.  patriot post . us         (No spaces, of course.)   (And it’s offered as an alternative source of information for you to balance out all the other sources.)



August 30, 2015

The Eight Commandment is another easy one to understand.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

It’s a little more than “just be honest,”   because our spoken words always have an effect on the people who hear us.     Others hear what we say;  or they overhear what we say;  or they will soon hear what we’ve said.    This Commandment tells us to  think of the welfare of others every time we speak.

Here are some remarks from some “ancient”  notes that I found in one of my old notebooks:

Words have meaning.  People have a right to rely on the truth of your words.

Words have power.    Words can mislead, misdirect, discourage,  wound, and kill.

Words affect other people.   Guard the reputation of other people in your conversations;  always give them the benefit of a doubt.

Our words should be  harmless,  informative, helpful, and maybe bind us together in friendship.

8 talking Jesus teaches that we should be simple and direct and honest in our speaking.    “Let your nay be nay and your no be no.”      

It’s a harsh warning of His that “what comes out of our mouth is what defiles us.”     If we have some inner compulsion to go on and on with our words,  we may have some “issue”  inside us —  a deficit;  a wound;  a resentment;  an insecurity;  or worse —  an intent to deceive or harm.

Go to the Great Physician.   With His willing help,  heal yourself before you launch your tongue out into the world.   If there is healing, peace, and love inside you,  your words will reflect that.

And the world will seem like a better place around you.


August 28, 2015

 I’ve always wanted to say that!

              —  Who goes there? !!!


Big feet!    The feet of a sauropod!


Here is a 90-meter long  trail of footprints that was recently discovered  (in Germany,  I think)  by some quarry workers recently.

The footprints were quickly turned over to the paleontologists.


This is the longest continuous trail of dinosaur footprints ever found.  Each footprint is about 1 1/2 meters wide, and about 40 centimeters deep!      They reckon that the animal who made these tracks weighed about 30 tons!!!!    By the shape and configuration of the footprints,  they know they were made by a sauropod –  one of the biggest type of dinosaur, with a thick body, a strong, long neck, and thick powerful legs.


30 tons!

Yep,  those are two little people beneath this life-size model.

Here is an artist’s rendition of what they might have looked like in the wild:

This is a Golden Mystery.   A vast, wonderful, intriguing, undiscovered,  fun Golden Mystery about the Creation and early years of our world.

Dinosaurs keep us humble.     We know so little!


August 28, 2015

(House is still cold — 60 degrees in here,  but I’m not putting on the furnace.  Sniffly cold went away fast.)

This    “IMAGINE . . . ”   business —  What we’re doing is imagining if  “there were no religion”  to guide us into ethical behavior;  no Commandments from God.   No objective right and wrong.   We humans are pretty good  know-it-alls and can just figure things out for ourselves.

Imagine that no One says:  “Thou shalt not steal.”       Just, we wouldn’t usually steal because it’s not polite  or we don’t want to start a fight,  but sometimes stealing can be justified.  like if someone has more than you do,  or like the professor at the University of Wisconsin who said:  it’s okay to steal from big corporations like Walmart, because they can absorb the loss and they’re insured anyway.    Sound stupid?   Sound like fiction?   Here’s the link which generated so much discussion this week.         He didn’t exactly say it was “okay,”  but just that police shouldn’t prosecute shoplifters.     So . .  .  “come on in!” to Walmart!

So WHO PAYS for the product loss?

price shockShoplifting product loss,  higher insurance rates,  higher cost of doing business —   we all pay,  in the form of higher prices.   (Seems like we’d all be a little better off if we didn’t have to pay for the cost of thievery.)

Same thing goes for all forms of bribery . . .

briberyUnderhanded dealings,  bribery,  shoplifting,  employee theft from at work . . .

money out the windowIt’s all chaos and “money out the window.”

Imagine a world where we were never commanded not to steal.   Who could we trust?   A simple walk in the park might lead to a mugging.   A simple walk down the boardwalk  could lead to the loss of our wallet,  phones, or ID.

pickpocket riskAnd you wouldn’t want to ride on the city bus:

Pickpocket sign

Hang on to your possessions!  Lock your doors and windows.   No Seventh Commandment —  no trust.     Anyone can justify taking anything from anyone.

Now, we have  a problem.  We do have a Seventh Commandment.    We’re supposed to teach our children not to take anything that doesn’t belong to them, and then as they get older we’re supposed to train them all that that means.    And the adult world would be a more pleasant,  more secure,  and less costly place.

But something went wrong,   and we don’t have to “imagine.”      We can observe a world where the Seventh Commandment is quickly evaporating from our common human society.    It does seem that a world without religion,  without  the Ten Commandments revealed to the ancient Israelites,  is not a world that works very well.


August 25, 2015

I’m not going to write well tonight.  

icicles   For three days it’s been about 62 degrees in my house — I’ve left the windows open during a cold snap and . .  .  no,  I don’t want to get the furnace going because it will be in the 80s next week,  and . . . yep . . . I’ve got the sniffles now.  Old-fashioned, juvenile type little cold:    drippy, sneezy, dopey, sleepy, scratchy and all the other little Dwarfs that Snow White dealt with.

Nevertheless,  it’s time for the Seventh.  

7 thiefMost of us wouldn’t dream of taking something that doesn’t belong to us.

The Seventh Commandment says:   Thou shalt not steal.

“Don’t take something that doesn’t belong to you.”     A child can understand that.     In fact, we must teach that to a child.   It’s the foundation for his understanding of what that Commandment is fully telling us.  As the child matures,  when the child is ready,   when the child becomes conscious of  the rightness and wrongness of actions,  then the word “steal”  can take on further implications:

People have a right to own things.   People have a right to work and earn more things.   People have a right to keep the things they have earned.

As children grow, they understand that they must return “lost property” to its rightful owner.   As tempting as it is,  if it’s not yours and you found it,  it’s still not yours.  Somebody lost it.  It’s theirs.

If you break something that belongs to somebody else,   then fix it.  Or pay for it.   Or make restitution somehow.

7 windowAs we grow up,  its easy to see how that word “steal” applies to more and more activities.

If you say you’re going to do work for someone,  then do it honestly, so your employer isn’t cheated.

Here’s the thing:   Thou shalt not steal is the basis for a whole range of ethical behavior.   And it’s not rocket science.   God is real, and a Living Being, so when you desire a relationship with Him,   He lives “within”  you, watching over you and guiding you.   Thou shalt not steal  is internalized and then, when situations come up,  right and wrong becomes instinctive.

Starts with God.    Proceeds with your relationship with Him.   Grows with your desire to honor Him and please Him.   Matures with your efforts to learn of Him.   His Spirit in you takes care of the development.

Not sure if I’m making sense.  I want to go to bed now under some warm covers and sniffle the night away.

We’ll explore a world without the Seventh Commandment tomorrow.


August 22, 2015

There were three young Marines involved in the take-down of the gunman on the French passenger train,  not two.  Here they are:

Marine UpdateNames and faces.

Pray for them.  Pray that they’ll feel the honor due them by their heroic action.   Pray that they’ll be strong and courageous heroes all their lives.    Pray that their fellow countrymen treat them like heroes and hold them up as good examples.

Then there is that other young man.  26 years old.

gunmanWell,  that’s the back end of him, with his hands tied behind his back.

Pray for him too.     He has a soul.


August 21, 2015

Will interrupt the Ten Commandments with a joyful and proud tribute to our United States Marines!

Dad in Dress BluesThere’s one.   There’s a Marine.   That’s my Dad in his dress blues.    Impossibly young!   He was eighteen years old, a year and a half before I was born.

Well, today in France young Marines just like him did a heroic deed, saving many, many lives on a high speed commuter train.  It happened here in Arras:

MAP Marines hero“Always faithful” to their … duty,  one of them noticed a nervous passenger going into the train’s restroom.  A minute or so later, he recognized the sound of a weapon being loading.  Now,  I wouldn’t know what that sounds like if you loaded your gun in front of me,  but these are highly trained young men — and alert.

What the young Marines heard was the sound of magazines being loaded into a Kalishnikov.  The nervous man came out of the bathroom,  raised the Kalishnikov and opened fire on the passengers.   The Marines jumped into action, and though they were both unarmed,  they tackled the gunman and pinned him to the floor until the train stopped and the French authorities took over.

A couple passengers were injured.

Marines feet outThe authorities said the action of these two Marines prevented what would have been a bloodbath.   And why not?   Citizens are not allowed to carry guns.  They are sitting ducks wherever they go.

As I said,  they probably saved “many, many lives.”  Here are the magazines on the floor which could have produced a real massacre:

Marines targetLots of ammunition!    One of the young Marines was shot in the neck as he brought the gunman down,  but he will most likely be all right.

Congratulations —  and thank you to all Marines.   You make our world safer!!

Semper Fi !

Oh –  the gunman’s name is:     Ayoub el-Qahzzani


August 19, 2015

(A word of caution:   Breaking the Sixth Commandment is a sin like any other sin.   It can bring bad consequences but it can be forgiven by the same means that all our sins — my sins — are forgiven    It’s an act of love and of mercy to talk freely about the consequences of any sin.  The sinner remains loved and lovable, with the clean love of God, and with repentance, and forgiveness.)


I told a pretty story yesterday about two young people falling in love . . .

6 courting

And getting married, sweetly,  openly,  honestly.

And then they are open to the possibility of having a baby . . .

6 first baby

That’s all  God asks of us, if we are married.   Love each other, each other only;  excluding all others.  Be open;  be glad to receive children.     This fidelity will keep on giving rewards throughout their lives, coming up unexpectedly at times, and happily.    Ups and downs, like life itself, but always rewards of fidelity in marriage.

A happy, settled reward-filled life is what the Sixth Commandment protects.

Now let’s dissolve away all that companionship and peace and happiness.

bar dissolve er

The Sixth Commandment says:  “Thou shalt not commit adultery. . . ”  (and a whole bunch of other sexual acts against chastity and purity).

“Imagine” a world without “religion,” we are told.      Imagine no Sixth Commandment.    As I was doing my morning news reading,  I was assaulted several times by news of about 37,000,000   men and women who have an extra worry today — and extra burden of wondering “What’s going to happen to me?”


37,000,000.    Really?   The Cheaters’ website was supposed to be anonymous and secret and, well,  you were supposed to be able to get away with it.    Shrug your shoulders?   Hey —  no Sixth Commandment, right?

I was going to then write about the finality of losing your virginity, men and women alike —  or, as nowadays,  boys and girls alike.    I was going to talk about fear of pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy,  the negative and dangerous results (sooner or later)  of using chemical means to prevent natural body functions,  the horror of abortions,  shame,  uneasiness,  secrecy,  bad reputations . . .

I was going to write about the ever-present sexual talk and innuendos, lust and the boredom it brings, obscenities and the self-degradation it causes . . .

I was going to write about  doctor worries,  dirty ickiness, disease  —

—   walking around with these little guys growing in you —

microbes vd      —  or their many, many different varieties of microbe cousins — all permanent residents in you — all ready to hop over into your next partner,  even if you begin to love her,  or him.

I was going to write about the psychological and emotional cost of breaking the Sixth Commandment.   The financial loss . .  .

But  I was reading this book . . .   about taking a wonderful ride through our country — slowly!

 Seeing America Slowly

Seeing America Slowly

That’s a picture I took of the inside cover of the book  Oregon Trail.   a man, about my age,  came across a historical marker pointing out that he was at a point along the original Oregon Trail;  and he got the idea that he would like to build a covered wagon and just follow the Oregon Trail as they did in the 1800s.

Now, I see these markers when I drive across the country, too,   and I’ve driven through beautiful scenery like this:


I love the scenery, and I love my little blue car and it loves to drive!      I’ve never had an urge to go slowly,  but I’m glad this man did.  Every detail of the planning, the learning,  the route, and the things he saw along the way is very entertaining and highly informative!

But today I came across a chapter in his book which reminded me of the sadness of a culture without the Sixth Commandment.

He wrote of the wonderful friendliness and hospitality of the people in Kansas, along the old Oregon trail route.   They are ranchers, now, farmers, and some live in small towns.   The author noticed that there were lots of little children curious about his wagon and his mules  and there were lots of old people, friendly and helpful.   Grandparents of the little kids.

But there was no one around who would be the age of the children’s parents, or of the grandparents’ children.     Eventually he asked some of the older people.  “Where are all the parents?”    In town after town  no parents.  Just grandchildren and grandparents.

The answer:   “They’re gone.”      Meth.     Broken marriages.    Moved on with other partners.   Out of money . . . .    Broken-up families.     A whole generation gone;  gone with the old story:  Drugs, Sex, and Rock n Roll.

They had absorbed no instructions about becoming an adult and making a family.    No road map —


No Sixth Commandment in these parents’ world.   I cant imagine their unsettledness now, their unhappiness and regrets in the future.   I guess we make sad songs and difficult movies about this generation.

The horror for our country is that the young grandchildren will not be taught chastity, purity, modesty,  respecting their physical bodies,   keeping themselves for their future spouses.   Being honest and upright before God, so they can be good and free and healthy.

Imagine a world without . . . the Sixth Commandment.      Imagine  having  no “Morals Manual”  from the One who made us.   Imagine having to just live with   un-repairable harm and damage.

Oh — here’s the book.    But . . .

 The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck.

. . .  will edit this to un-recommend the book.    Too much foul language.    Such a coarse tone diminishes the quality of our society.  As we’ve heard many times,  “words matter.”       But the author had a good idea. . . .


August 17, 2015

This is a posting filled with images,  but it’s best the images come from your own mind.

The Sixth Commandment is for  protection:

A young man, a young woman,  in love with each other before they fully know what love is.    They can look closely and openly into each other’s eyes.   Then, marriage.    Then the  “marital act”   with God’s creative force in attendance at all times.

The next image in my mind is one of my daughter and her husband.  The two are sitting together, she is leaning with her back against him.   She’s in a form-fitting rose-pink top, and she’s obviously pregnant.   He has his hands around her, resting on her belly.   They both have a look of sheer pleasure and lively excitement.   Joy and pride.  (Too precious to post that picture here in public.)

I’ve seen other young husbands whose wives are pregnant.    I’ve been pregnant myself, and I know the wonders of that, so hard to put into words.   It’s   awesome  and mysterious that there is a separate human life inside of you,  a brand-new person — and the love that pours into that child is nothing short of astonishing.   What joy!      But the thing that always fascinated me was that young husbands often show a similar strong  attachment to his unborn child,  a pride of “accomplishment,”    and such a mature sense of responsibility and protection and the need to be a strong man for his wife and child.

The baby is born.   The two new parents look down together at their sleeping child.    Words are inadequate to express everything they are feeling, though they talk anyway, and it sounds like the most stereotyped,  trite, expected set of words and phrases — because the wonder of the birth is common to all healthy, mature adults,  and there is a sense of silent understanding among all human families.

The family is the visible evidence of  marital love,  whether the family is made of two members, or three, or more.

As the married couple get older,  they can still look into each other’s eyes, freely and openly,  honestly.    They have nothing to hide from each other.    Children or no,  the two,  now older,   have done well.

And that’s what the Sixth Commandment protects.

(Of course,  historically speaking,   there doesn’t have to be “love” between the two.   They are married.   They are at peace with each other and faithful for the sake of the children to come;  the heirs.   The Next Generation.    They have a solemn responsibility to their children, and that matures the young couple.)

(And, of course,  not every married couple will have children.    Sometimes children just don’t “come.”    But the family that consists of the two of them have serious and important effects on everyone around them )

If you’re born,   if you exist as a human person,  you would wish for and hope for a young couple to receive you into the world like this.     Or arrange to have you received into a loving family.    You would wish that your parents, then,   would understand how  important you are to the world —

          — and you would especially wish your parents to know how important their marriage is to you!

Again,  this is what the Sixth Commandment protects.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”


August 16, 2015

“Unless you become like little children . . . “

Ever-Laughing LIfe

Remember “Family Circus” ?    Fun comic strip; and the children were inadvertently wise.

While we’re at the half-way point on the Ten Commandments,  I wanted to clear up a couple of things about the way I’m writing about them.

First of all,  the little girl is right.   There is a God.   There is a Heaven.   And Heaven is a “happy” place.   Not sure we’ll be laughing all the time,  but for now,  here on earth,  we associate laughing with joy and pleasure, so a child who can appreciate  the desirability of laughter knows some important truth about Heaven.

Heaven is not for everyone.     If you don’t care about God now,  why on earth would you want to spend the rest of your existence  (after this life)  with Him?   Doesn’t make sense.   But there is only one alternative.  And it’s not a place of laughter.     We’ree told that most humans will find their way there,  by their own choice.

Who gets to judge what choice you’ve made?

Christ Judges

The God who is Great,  the God who is Good,  the God who is Love,  the God who is Judge —   When you stand before Him, a nanosecond or two after you die,   you’ll know if you’re following the fiery tube downwards.

Those who have laughed their way through their lives on earth will laugh no more.   Those who have laughed at the things of God,  will find no more things to laugh at.    False laughter, temporary laughter.

The Ten Commandments are no laughing matter.


Remember that beautiful afghan I wrote about,  that was made by my Mom with such love and care and her hopes that I would like it?


Stitch by stitch she created such a beautiful thing for me.  She didn’t intend that I put it away for years and years, with only  slight knowledge in my memory that she was the one who made it.   She didn’t intend for me to use it as a cleaning rag or as a carpet to walk on.   She didn’t intend for me to look at it and think how “old-fashioned” it is;  mock it, ridicule it.

It hurts to even write these words, because she made it and I love her so much.

That’s a good analogy for Creation — and our Creator’s intentions.   God lovingly “stitched together”   the beautiful universe and everything in it, and He loves the humans He made.      What then?     How can we know how we’re supposed to live this life?    One small way is learning the Manual of Moral Behavior:  The Ten Commandments.

So that’s Point One to clear up,  why I’m writing about these Commandments.    Do it God’s way.    Don’t choose to go to Hell.

(Take Pascal’s wager on that, if you have any doubts.)

Point Two is perhaps a minor point,  perhaps not.    The Ten Commandments were not numbered for us,  1 – 10.       In the Bible,  in Exodus 20,  they are a series of statements, or “words.”    Some have said thirteen statements,  which are traditionally arranged into ten important divisions.   Ten being the number that designates emphasis.   (THIS IS MY WORD FOR YOU!)

I use the original numbering of Christendom, because I am a Christian.    When a big portion of Christianity broke themselves off from the Church,  they needed justifications for their own ideas about Christianity.    One of the ways to emphasize their new-found differences is to re-number the Ten Commandments to bring out what they wrongfully promulgated;  that is,  iconoclasm,  not only don’t worship idols,  don’t have any at all.     (For some reason pictures were allowed.)

Renumbering effectively cuts off Christians from their past.   If you read the Early Church Fathers,  which you should, you will be confused about what Commandment they are referring to because the new numbering is different from what they used.   (This goes for the re-numbering and re-arranging of much of the Old Testament verses too.)

Slippery Slope

Tinkering with the numbering,   re-interpreting the Commandments,  ignoring the commandments in your daily choices  all build a Slippery Slope for us, leading down to . . .   you know,  that fiery tube.

So, I write about the Ten Commandments because they are for every human being and they’re no laughing matter (though Joy follows later for those who have patterned their lives after God’s moral teaching.).


3rd tab

God  exists and it’s our duty, as creatures, to worship Him.    But only Him.

Don’t blaspheme – or take lightly –  the Holy Name of God.    The  “Name”   means more than we can possibly understand.

Remember to keep the seventh day as a holy sabbath day of rest,  because Seven is the number of perfection with regard to Creation and God’s work in it;  and because the idea of a weekly rest keeps before our minds the Eternal Rest that  God is preparing for us for forever.

Honor your father and mother — and honor and respect all those who have authority over you.   Respect even evil leaders;  they are a just punishment allowed by God for an evil society.

Do not murder — do not kill the innocent,  the helpless,  the weak, or the sick,  from conception to natural death from sickness or old age.   All human life is precious.

There is true laughter  (Joy and Happiness)   that come with these Commandments.

Ready for the Sixth one?          . . . . .


August 13, 2015

Fifth Commandment:  “Thou shalt do no murder.”

Living and Dying:

In each moment, a man both lives and dies.    His life and death are one with him,  because the man living and the man dying is the same man.*

Your death is the sum total of your lived days.   Your life means something.   Your living is precious to you.

  However —

“Imagine,”  as popular culture has taught us to sing – and to believe –   “Imagine a world without religion,”  without guidance,   without values,   without purpose,  without definition.      Imagine, therefore, a world where living and dying have no ultimate reason — and it doesn’t matter if you live or die,  and it doesn’t matter if someone ends your life for you.

Without the vocabulary of religion there would be no universal and objective way to even speak about the worth of a human life qua human life —  each human being valuable because he is a human being.   All we would have is temporarily pursuasive rhetoric.

There would be no  distinction between kill and murder.

femursAnd without the Fifth Commandment,   it wouldn’t be long before it doesn’t matter who or how many get killed, as long as someone had some good reason to do it.

The Creator happens to agree with us.     Our own lives that matter so much to us also matters to God — and matters even more than we can know right now.    “We’ve been bought with a Price.”     That Price is the life of His Son.

“Do no murder.”        Our life begins and ends with Him.  Living and dying is His business.

* (I’m using English grammar, of course:  “when the sex of the subject can refer to male or female,  the male gender is used. ”  Surely a woman lives and dies, together,  at each moment.)


August 11, 2015

The Fifth Commandment from our Creator:    “Thou shalt do no murder.”

3rd tab

Period.   That’s it.   Simple.  Straightforward.

Murder is the taking of an innocent life.  Abel comes to mind.   The innocent man who was killed by his brother Cain.   The killing was without justice and without authority.  That makes it murder.

Accidents happen.    As awful and final as a death is,  an accidental death is not quite “murder.”     There may be culpability,  negligence, carelessness, and it may require retribution or compensation of some sort — but it is not quite “murder.”

Self-Defense  sometimes becomes necessary, or the defense of others, up to and including the killing of an attacker.   Fortunately there can be many steps taken in the phrase “up to”  but sometimes self-defense includes the killing of the aggressor.    That’s not murder.

A society has the right and the duty to protect its members from attacks from the outside and from dangers to the social order from within.    Fortunately again,  there are many intermediate steps to take before a war is begun or before a criminal is executed;  however,  neither war nor capital punishment is “murder.”     May both be extremely rare in a civilized world!

How do you make sure you obey this Commandment?   Do not kill any innocent human life from conception all the way to old, old age.   Do not kill an innocent person in sickness or in health.    Do not take the Law into your own hands.    Do not kill until every other legitimate avenues of alternate actions have been considered and/or tried.

And here is the foundational way to avoid violating the Fifth Commandment:

Jesus TeachingDo not live a life of anger and hatred.   Do not let your continued irritation,  frustration, impatience,  embarrassment grow into anger.      “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment,  but I say unto you, that every one who is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment.”

Jesus goes on to say that angry name-calling,  character assassination,  mockery,  sarcasm, and such things are the equivalent to murder in the spiritual world,  the Eternal Spiritual Realm.    (Matthew 5:21,22)

In the physical world,  don’t commit an act of murder.    In the Spiritual world there is a higher standard:   Do not “murder” a person’s spirit.

First came the Commandments,   then came Jesus,  the Word of God,    revealing a deeper and higher meaning of those Commandments.     If you’re a Christian,   follow Him.  By your understanding,  rebuild and strengthen Christendom.


August 11, 2015

Perhaps a good Rant about life and death of nation before I move on to the next Commandment,  which deals with death.

Moon of MuslimI wrote last time of the mass migration of Africans and “Asians”  (the code word for Middle-Easterners) into Sweden, and the violent crimes the Swedes are apparently accepting:  savage rape, gang rapes of Swedish women,  slashings,  killings,  riotings,  bombings,  armed robbery,  and outright theft of Sweden’s tax money . . .

I questioned why the Swedes are unable to stop the Invasion of their country by hostile “migrants,”  who,  by the way,  state their hostile intentions.

But I also alluded to the fact that “Sweden is only just one country,”  meaning that most European countries (and Canada and the U.S. )  are experiencing Invasion too,  so we all must pay attention to this U.N.  mandated mass migration.

Greeks were told they have to accept multitudes of foreigners into their islands. Here are recent scenes from their coastal ports . . . .

Migrants told greece okay

There are no resources to take care of this number of newcomers.

migrants spread islamThere are not enough “officials”  to register — or care for — everyone arriving.

migrants islamic women

Oh,  the  U.S.  isn’t receiving this mass migration through coastal ports,  but it is ongoing here;  fences, notwithstanding.

Migration surgeThe U.N.  not only tells the leaders of nations that they have to accept this mass migration,  but we MUST call these Invaders “refugees.”  They come from such chaotic countries.   They have so little food.  No way to make a living.  They suffer in their own homelands.

Astonishingly,  the answer is not to help these poor nations create things for themselves,   manufacture things,  produce things — all activities which would grow wealth for the citizens of these nations,  to use for food, medical care, build infrastructure for clean water, transportation — all reasonable and possible outcomes.

Astonishingly,  our Rulers’ answer is that these people “at the bottom”  must be poured into nations “at the top”  with the acknowledged result that this migration will bring DOWN  the top  by allowing the BOTTOM to plunder the wealth of the only nations who could have helped their own homelands!

Saul Alinsky, anyone?    In this marxist-socialist  economy,  the rich get richer, the poor get poorer — and dislocated —  and stable nations can no longer sustain this type of human migration — the vast Middle, where most of us live.  This is what that motto means:  Top down:   destroy the First World nations.   Obliterate their ethnicity.    Bottom up:    move Third World nations into First World territory.     Destroy the Middle — because in every nation,  the “Middle”  are the producers of the wealth of a nation.

Sheeesh!    I wish everyone could understand the process that is being perpetrated on us.   The more I read, the more horrors I find,  hidden by our entertainment-news media.

What happened when these same groups moved into Europe in the 7th century?    It wasn’t Scandinavia,  it was Italy and France and Spain.

They fought to defend themselves.  In the 7th century,   then 8th, the 9th, on and on….  the 16th century,  the 17th century.    They fought to defend themselves, their families,  their cultures, their nations, their God.    That’s why we have a Europe.  (See map below.)

Be clear:     When immigrants come into a country,  they intend to become part of that culture.

When invaders come into a country,  they intend to change that country into their own image.

How many languages now must an American school accommodate?   Hospitals?  Government agencies?    Again,  astonishing.

Who is saying First World Nations MUST NOT retain their unique identity anymore?

Here’s a close-up of a portion of that crowd entering Greece:

Migrants with Head scarves

Am I ranting needlessly?   Here are THEIR goals by the year 2020.

MAP of 2020 WorldFive years away.

Do you believe the Alinsky-ites?       Do we have no right to exist as who we are?   Are we guilty just for being who we are?    Do all the things our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents worked to achieve belong to these migrant invaders from other nations?

Alinsky says “Bring us down”   Top down.    “Bring them up by giving our things to them,  our land,  our culture,  our goods, our money.”

(Of course it is “us against them.”   Every nation is an “us”  but we all must play according to civil rules in world affairs.  And every “us” has a right to exist and defend itself against a hostile “them.”   I already explained how we can help the “thems.”)

With all the attention on these two extremes,  the Middle,  the  “most of us,”    will soon disappear —   as the modern Scandinavian descendants of the Vikings might be doing.    So far.     Or for as long as our World Rulers are able to carry out their plan to weaken stable countries  — and thus strengthen their Global Rulership.

Let’s consider the Fifth Commandment next.   See if we can sort out the difference between murder and killing; between what is a sin and  what is necessary.


August 10, 2015

Heads-up  about Sweden.

This man could be one of my relatives —

viking manExcept modern barbers tend to “scalp”  the modern man.      Hiding their “strength,”  so to speak.    (Just kidding.)    (I think.)

For many centuries the Swedes had a strong civilization in every sense of the word.  Navigation, trade,  iron making, tool and weapon making,  boat building, jewelry of the finest worked gold and silver (which are found in museums today),   well-developed mythology and religion, a cohesive culture,  and of interest to us today,  a rudimentary idea of democracy in their  Ting (Thing).

And, oh yes —

viking general     —   they knew how to defend themselves.

Yes,  we know them as the Vikings today, from the last couple centuries of this period of time.     They were serious about defense.   They were serious about going after their enemies, and they were serious about strengthening their lands, sometimes by expansion.

viking chargeSo there was no international banking and investments and corporations and the “Art of the Deal”  and mergers and hostile take-overs —  methods we use today to “strengthen”  our national holdings.

No.  You’ve got an enemy.   You eliminate your enemy.

Your population is expanding.   You need more land.

You get more land by exploration, settling new-found lands — or by warfare and absorption of the people who live in the land you’ve just conquered.

Uh.   Not that I totally approve of all this.    But this was a fairly stable culture for many centuries,  even if the exquisite art work and metal industries were mixed with warfare   and,  again,  they knew how to defend themselves. 

Next,   after a century or two of killing any Christians who tried to move in and settle,  eventually a king became Christian,  and the Gospel “spread” more rapidly,  most likely in the typical whole-hearted but Viking way.   Sweden had joined Christendom.

They were in Christendom for just a few centuries, until the time of international commerce arose and the  merchants and a new generation of royalty took Sweden out of the Church and into the highly commercially successful but chaotic world of Protestantism.    Sweden then followed this new world right down into . . .  whatever was expedient for “getting along”  —  obedience,  tolerance,  dependence,   compliance;  whatever quality serves the authorities . . .  . Progressive liberalism.

This is Sweden today:

Sweden Fire

They’re not making war on anyone today.    Someone is making war on them.   They’re not defending their own country.   The magnificent qualities of self-determination, self-reliance,  and independence  is not apparent.     Is it gone?

Today Sweden is undergoing what future historians will be able to freely call an Invasion.       Invasion.  Takeover.    Conquering . . .   These are the kinds of words the Invaders themselves are using.    They are not hiding their intentions.  “This land is going to be ours.”   Some people in the Swedish government are permitting and defending these No-Go zones.

Map no-go(Map of No-Go zones released by Swedish police)

Of course, if you’re invading a country, you do it bit by bit.   Take ownership of one area after another — until you meet resistance.       I’m not Swedish by citizenship.  I’m firmly American.    But my ethnicity is one-half Swedish, I’m interested, and I’m alarmed for those who still live in Sweden.

The Invaders push in, with  force,  rioting,  bombings,  and the usual intimidations,  bullying,  criminal acts perpetrated on the Swedes,  using Swedish laws against the Swedes — and being paid by the Swedish taxpayers in the form of free apartments,  medical care, schooling,   and whatever other support the Swedish welfare system gives them.

Here’s a photo with a caption which states what is not supposed to be spoken out loud:

Swedish photo with captionsSwedish government officials,  and the media,  have an explanation for the tactics these Invaders are using.

Their explanation?

Swedes are xenophobic.     They just don’t like foreigners,  so those pesky Swedes are causing the rioting.

I have not presented even 1/100 of the difficulties that are occurring with these Invaders — whom we are supposed to call “refugees”  during this period of migration of Third World populations into Europe and America — propounded,  promoted,  and insisted upon by the U.N.

Sweden is only just one country.

The land where Vikings used to live.

Where have all the Vikings gone?

I haven’t forgotten my series on the Ten Commandments.    Perhaps this is a lead-up into the next Commandment.


August 7, 2015

I sit here often.


There I read, think, enjoy, contemplate, pray, assess, plan, experience, live . . .  and  you may have one of those places too.

Lately the Fourth Commandment has come up in my mind.  There are things I need to deal with.

I would usually write “Imagine – a World Without the Fourth Commandment,” a world devastated by lack of respect for those who are far older than we are,  a world that acts on arrogant pride which tells us “we can break with the past and do it our way”    — but you can imagine that yourselves.

It’s a  world without respect, dignity, honor, rejecting the wisdom of one’s parents   (and their generation – and all the generations past).      Reinventing the wheel never works.    The wheel works.

4th wheelThere are many consequences that flow from understanding God’s Commandments  (the “wheel”) and following them,  but I want to get down to particulars – a small and disturbing detailed example,  one that is common to us all.

We know our grandparents will die some day.   Our parents will die some day.   And there is nothing like a dead family member to remind us of how much we loved them — and how much we failed to love them and to show them honor.

“Honor thy father and thy mother . . . ”  says the Fourth Commandment.      Acknowledge that they are worthy to be honored.  Worthy of our love.  Worthy of our respect.

I’ve been sitting in my Reading Chair looking at the small sofa across from me:


On that small sofa I had recently placed a beautiful afghan that my mother made for me.   It’s full size.   She used the “afghan stitch” which is an easy if somewhat monotonous activity.    And then once the afghan squares were made and stitched together,   my mother embroidered the designs on it.  The pattern came with flowers,  but my mother, on her own,  added the cross, because she personalized it for me.

quilt tissues

Excuse the tissues.   She died last year.


Here’s a closeup of the stitches,  the white yarn and the colored yarn, all requiring  individual and deliberate  movements of her hands to create each  white “square” and each colored X.

How many thousands or tens of thousands of individual movements did this afghan require?    She intended this afghan for me and she presented it to me one day.   I was suitably impressed.  I thanked her profusely.    Often I kept it stored away from a busy household with two little potentially damaging children growing up near the afghan.

And then I took it out, and now I’m using it.


I wonder at all the work that went into its making.  All the effort.  The love.  My mother’s hopes that I would like it.      And I also wonder how many times did I thank her for it?    Ever again?

More importantly when she got old and had lots of time to think back on her life,  did she ever wonder  if I still  appreciated it?   Did I ever think of it?     How would she know?     Sometime during her last eight or so years I took a photo of it and intended to show it to her, thank her for it again,  tell her it was not forgotten — but by that time she had already begun to suffer from the  brain damage that always occurs after chemotherapy.     She would not .  .  .

Yes, we can still honor our parents and grandparents who have died, and the goodness and wisdom of past generations.  that’s important.

But here, from my Reading Chair,   I wish I had  been more acutely aware of the Fourth Commandment when my parents were alive.  There are consequences when we disregard it, not only for the management of “world affairs”  — No,  just consequences for us, personally.

” . . .   that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God has given thee.”

“Imagine” a world without the Fourth Commandment, you  Pop Culture Victims.    A world full of personal confusion and regrets.   All willing orphans.

God’s Laws and rules and principles are meant to keep us happy and safe, with the least amount of “regrets” tugging at us.


August 7, 2015

Simple, easy to understand,  straightforward.    As are all the Commandments:

“Honor thy father and thy mother . . .”     (The Fourth Commandment)

4th father

And, see?   The word  “thy”  is used — a word of respect, giving dignity to the addressee.   The Good God gives us dignity along with our humanity.

Honor your father and mother.   In every way you can.

There is a kind of internal reverence when we give honor, that hushes all our own self-referencing thoughts.   This internal reverence arises out of an object worth and dignity inside the person.    No man is respected more than one who is seen honoring his own mother or father.

4th mother

  Remember in the last post I wrote that Virgil’s epic informed the principles of governing  –  and morality –  for men of Western Civilization  …    Here is  Aeneas supporting his father Anchises as they flee destruction,  with his own son Ascanius looking on — and learning:

It is so easy and common to see the world through our own lenses.  We are quite naturally selfish,  self-centered, and self-referencing in all that comes before us.  “How do I feel about this?”   Or, more crassly,  “what’s in it for me?”
But to stand before your parents,  to talk with them, to have to deal with them and help them and have patience with them  should immediately quiet down all those references to ourselves as we freely honor our parents.  “Honor” is an internal movement of our hearts and it manifests itself in our words and actions.

“Honor thy father and thy mother” never stops.  No expiration date on that Commandment!

Do we honor our parents because of the authority they have over us?  Sure.

Do we honor our parents because it is prudent?  Yep.  Certain times of our lives that works best for us.

Do we honor our parents because we love them?  Can be.   Hope so.

Do we honor our parents because we note the sacrifices they made on our behalf.    Yes!

Do we honor our parents because it is part of our traditional culture?  Often. It’d be smart to “conserve” that one/

Do we honor our parents because they brought us into the world in an act of Creative generation that they, in their marital act, shared with the Creator? Yes.   that’s the way it works.    (No marital act is ever committed without the Presence of the Creator.)

But most of all we honor our parents because the Good God made it so.   We are made with a kind of “software”  that keeps us running, and one of the “programs”  is honor given to our parents  because  it connects us to God Himself and reminds us of our relationship with Him also, that He made us to be humans, and He gives to us humans our dignity and worth.

God loves humans and cares for them and has not abandoned them to figure out things for themselves.   We have Free Will, of course,  but He is a rewarder of those who seek Him and obey Him.   The rest of the Fourth Commandment tells us this: “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long on the land that the LORD thy God has given thee.”

So there is a reward.


August 5, 2015

A grim reality

Virgil,  Homer,  and Alexander Hamilton:   what do these three names have in common?

First Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of this nation.   That is,  his guidance and his writings provided some of the principles which were used to create this nation and keep it true to its intentions.

But he has a warning for us and for all nations whose citizens would prefer to be free citizens:
“The instrument by which [the government] must act are either the AUTHORITY of the laws or FORCE. If the first be  destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!” —Alexander Hamilton, Tully, No. 3, 1794*

  1.   Governments  act.
  2.   They act under the Authority of Laws or by  Force
  3.   Authority . . . or –
  4.   Force
  5.    If Authority is destroyed . . .   and it can be —
  6.   Then the laws of Force take over
  7.    Force means such things as intimidation,  bribery,   cronyism   ( “secret deals amongst political pals” ),   trickery,  propaganda,    secrecy,  lawsuits,  imprisonment,   partisan ownership of newspapers (today,  the entertainment-news media) , and so many other devious and illegitimate tricks that uphold a tyranny

8.    When this becomes accepted by the people, there is an end to liberty — and the people are no longer citizens,  they are subjects.

An interesting aspect of a government that rules by Force is that it creates a tangled labyrinth of laws, rules, and regulations,  in the tens of thousands, so that there is always a “law”  to use against a political enemy.   Always a weapon at hand.

Now, what is this “Authority”  that Hamilton spoke of?    It’s simply that even the government — and people who work in the government —  are subject to the same laws as all the citizens.       That is the Rule of Law.

Lawlessness is, say,  suppose an identity thief gets to be president.   (Using someone else’s social security number, for instance.)    He’s above the Law of the Land if no one stops him.

Suppose a Congress passes a ruinous health control law and then exempt themselves from that law.     They are above the Law they have designated for the rest of the Land.

Suppose your local judge’s son has his fifth drunk driving charge and gets into his third car accident — and gets probation for it.   That judge’s family is living “above the law”  — and is contributing to the atmosphere of Lawlessness.

Suppose the “citizens” of that country let things continue on like that.    They are supporting a nation of Lawlessness.

And they are ruled by the laws of Force.  (Alexander Hamilton.)

Oh, yes — Homer and Virgil.   Each wrote literary epics which put forth the founding principles of their long-standing empires,  Greece and then Rome.    For many hundreds of years these epics were the textbooks that instructed the youth who would govern the next generation.  Actions of leaders were judged by these principles, and as long as the nation held them to their founding principles,  there was  a kind of check on Lawlessness.

Western Civilization retained the knowledge of these principles and trained their youth likewise — until the 20th century,  when the Revolution successfully revolted from . . .  civilized means of governing.

The Law of the Lawless ones — is government by Force.

8.  —  Resulting in a loss of Liberty  (freedom for citizens and a collapse of Society into barbarism.

Of course, there is  remedy.   But sometimes the “pendulum” doesn’t get a chance to swing back the other way.

*The quotation from Alexander Hamilton was provided by THE FOUNDATION   from the Patriot Post this week,  a thank you to them  for this reminder.


August 4, 2015

( Global Rulers are demanding our money.   They’re in charge, because few will rise up and oppose,  even though only a minority of “scientists” and “popular opinion polls”   agree with their Scheme to justify their theft of money from good citizens of the world.)


The justification is that there is “climate change”  —  which I found discussed in my science books many, many decades ago  —  and that we must believe that human activities are suddenly responsible  and we must agree that a few of the countries of the world must be beaten down economically to “pay for”  aeons old climate change.   Originally it was “global warming”  and massive ice melts and ocean rises.

The man that They put into the chair of the president of the United States promised the American people that he would make the ocean waters recede — by seven inches worldwide !! — and that man promised that one of the ways he would do it is by “making our utility bills skyrocket.”      (His word, not mine.)

Skyrocketing utility bills?   Skyrocketing prices for electricity, heating, and air conditioning?

That’s the Plan for us proposed this week by the Barack Hussein person,  seconded by a strange religious “prophet.”

2 Marxists understanding each other

So “let’s do ice,”  because that is the most comical “evidence”  for man-made climate change.

CHART   Ice global sea iceSee the up and down blue lines on the chart?    That’s a record of the extent of global sea ice.  It’s how much ice has covered the globe from time to time — since 1979.   The chart’s curves do not match the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  No relationship between carbon dioxide and ice formation or ice melting.

Ice coverage tends to go up and down,  but remains about the same throughout the decades.   No rise in ocean levels.    No loss of ice for the polar bears.

ice polar bearThey know what to do in ice and in water.   Especially when their environment is not really changing!

Here is an aerial view of last year’s ice coverage in the Arctic region.   The Red line shows the average amount of ice cover.  The picture is from 2014.

Ice Aerial Average Ice Red lineNot much difference.     The polar bears are safe.     Shame to the elementary school teachers who caused some of their children to have nightmares about drowning, starving polar bears  (as reported in news stories).   Shame to the adults who believed the spurious science studies.   Shame to the adults who shrug their shoulders on the issue.

As undersea volcanoes increase, certain ocean currents warm up,  bringing warmer air;  therefore certain coastal glaciers recede, even as other glaciers are increasing, worldwide.     Carbon dioxide doesn’t make ice or melt ice.     It’s not the very small  amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,  less geologically speaking now than there has been in the past — before humans.

There is no global climate change.   The ice tells us that.

Mount Erebus, Antarctica

I guess the Barack Hussein person doesn’t have to work his magic on ocean levels.

And he really doesn’t have to cause our utility bills to rise — or cause large regions of this country to lose their means of making a living,  shutting down coal fields.

But he will try.

Because he has an agenda.   He has a Scheme.  He’s doing the bidding of our World Rulers.   He is well protected.  A man wo considers himself above the Law cannot be stopped.

And never has it been known that the public dares to defy its Caesar.


August 4, 2015

Imagine.  A world without the Third Commandment?    Simple.  This one is simple to imagine.

Imagine a world where nothing is sacred, nothing is holy,  nothing is cherished and special.   No one day is different from the next, because there is no reason for one day to be special.  Or holy.   Or spiritually refreshing.

Imagine no rest from a world that is whirling too fast with too many things to deal with,  too much information, too many issues to deal with, too many decisions to make,    too many obligations,   too many little problems to solve,  too many fears to face.

3rd info
A world where human minds are full.  Full with unresolved issues.

3rd busy
And  a world where busy,  weary minds meet other busy weary minds — and there is no leisure to meet together – no one on one – no friendly silence experiencing the moment.   No time to really experience each other.

That’s a lonely world.    Even though it’s a busy world with many people,  it’s a lonely world.

3rd alone

It’s a world that is only superficially connected to others — and superficially, if at all,  connected to an idea of God.

“Imagine”  a world like this,  a world without “religion.”

Left to ourselves,  we would not often get around to dedicating one whole day to refreshing ourselves.    The Third Commandment  counteracts our chaotic world!      The Third Commandment offers us good rules:

Avoid all servile work,  cleaning up,  catching up on the chores,  buying and selling, all general busyness.
Keep  that sabbath day holy.    Visit the One who is holy above all else.   Commune with Him.  Bask in His Love.  Have confidence in His care.


August 2, 2015

From  now on,  the presentation of the Commandments as the underlying principle for human life will be much shorter,  carrying less of a philosophical background.

Just “straight-forwardly” —

3rd mead

Take a Rest!    

Not a working rest.

Not a catching up on everything rest.

Not a doing what you should have done during the work week rest.

But a rest that is all for just you kind of rest.    (and maybe the people you like to be with.   Or maybe not.)

Because the time and leisure to actually rest your mind and your body allows you to engage your higher intellect,  your higher spiritual  faculties.

This is what  God knew when he”commanded”  us to rest every seventh day.

This is what a kindly God knew when he instructed us that rest is so important for our human nature.

“Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.”

3rd tab

Rest  feels good.   Engaging in truly spiritual matters feels good too.

Our response is thanksgiving.    Thank God for a once a week rest.  That’s why part of “keeping the sabbath day holy” is meeting somewhere publicly, with others:  to engage in public thanksgiving to the Creator of us all.

You punish yourself if you don’t allow recreational and thorough rest.     (You’re also lying to yourself when you say you don’t have time for rest!)

The bigger part of “keeping the sabbath day holy is to rest from trying to assuage our uncomfortable, subtle, subconscious guilt by working hard,  striving to be worthy,  striving to be saved from the consequences of our choices.   How does this rest come about?

We can’t make the guilt of our sins go away.  In spite of our efforts, they stay attached to our soul.    The deeds we’ve done, the words we’ve said never just go away —  but it’s God who reaches down to us in His mercy  (His Infinite Mercy — no end to it)   and has accomplished the only Act that can make the consequences of our bad deeds go away.   He alone redeems us and makes us a new person.

“One and the same eternal Act” —

3rd mass

He did the work of making us “okay.”    He did the work that allows us to enter into His rest — forever.    Every Sunday we join ourselves with Jesus on the Cross.

That’s what the Third Commandment is for —  to remind us to hope in His eternal rest.

We can rest now.