2nd respect god

The Second Commandment handed down to Moses is the principle of giving God utmost Respect in terms of our speaking and our attitudes.   Since God is “that than which there is no greater that can be conceived,”  then it follows that the greatest amount of respect is due to Him, even in our speech.    Careless words about God,  thoughtless words,  indifferent,  disrespectful, or blasphemous words about God is strictly forbidden

What follows from this profound respect for God is a deep respect for others, for all of God’s creation and everyone in it.

Let’s imagine a world without the Second Commandment —

2nd sil argu

If it’s all right to speak against God,  if it’s all right to use His name in vain,  if it’s all right to say whatever you want to say,  then words will become weapons.    We’ll have a world of  disrespectful words,  arguments,  nasty words,   mockery,  ridicule,  accusations . . .  carelessness towards one another.

We know this happens commonly among children who have not been closely trained and disciplined:

2nd ch argu

That’s cute.  These little guys are supposed to be “cute.”     But just give these disrespectful “children”   a cell phone or a computer:    emails,  texting,  character assassination online.    Have you ever been a victim of cyber-bulllying,  or have you ever seen a child cope with cyber-bullyng and seen the devastating impact on the child and his family?

2nd cyber

Take away the Second Commandment,  God is not held sacred, He is not respected,  and there is no foundation to respect  any part of His creation.    There is no guarantee that you yourself will be respected.

There’s a direct connection.      Value,  worth, dignity, and such  all flow from our recognition of God as God —   because He is God,  worthy and exalted.  Incomprehensible, to be sure;  ineffable;   but oh, so worthy.

The Second Commandment reminds us that no matter who you are or where you are,   you can  always feel  the presence of God and allow an attitude of respect and worship  manifest in your  words and actions.       IMAGINE a world without the Second Commandment,   and  you have the right to say whatever you want,  to act however you want,  and to feel as proud of yourself as you want to.

Except  —   Jesus tells us that only the children, the childlike,   will be able to enter Heaven.

2nd bed

The Second Commandment says to “watch your mouth”  because it’s an indication of your attitude toward God.

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