From  now on,  the presentation of the Commandments as the underlying principle for human life will be much shorter,  carrying less of a philosophical background.

Just “straight-forwardly” —

3rd mead

Take a Rest!    

Not a working rest.

Not a catching up on everything rest.

Not a doing what you should have done during the work week rest.

But a rest that is all for just you kind of rest.    (and maybe the people you like to be with.   Or maybe not.)

Because the time and leisure to actually rest your mind and your body allows you to engage your higher intellect,  your higher spiritual  faculties.

This is what  God knew when he”commanded”  us to rest every seventh day.

This is what a kindly God knew when he instructed us that rest is so important for our human nature.

“Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.”

3rd tab

Rest  feels good.   Engaging in truly spiritual matters feels good too.

Our response is thanksgiving.    Thank God for a once a week rest.  That’s why part of “keeping the sabbath day holy” is meeting somewhere publicly, with others:  to engage in public thanksgiving to the Creator of us all.

You punish yourself if you don’t allow recreational and thorough rest.     (You’re also lying to yourself when you say you don’t have time for rest!)

The bigger part of “keeping the sabbath day holy is to rest from trying to assuage our uncomfortable, subtle, subconscious guilt by working hard,  striving to be worthy,  striving to be saved from the consequences of our choices.   How does this rest come about?

We can’t make the guilt of our sins go away.  In spite of our efforts, they stay attached to our soul.    The deeds we’ve done, the words we’ve said never just go away —  but it’s God who reaches down to us in His mercy  (His Infinite Mercy — no end to it)   and has accomplished the only Act that can make the consequences of our bad deeds go away.   He alone redeems us and makes us a new person.

“One and the same eternal Act” —

3rd mass

He did the work of making us “okay.”    He did the work that allows us to enter into His rest — forever.    Every Sunday we join ourselves with Jesus on the Cross.

That’s what the Third Commandment is for —  to remind us to hope in His eternal rest.

We can rest now.

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