Imagine.  A world without the Third Commandment?    Simple.  This one is simple to imagine.

Imagine a world where nothing is sacred, nothing is holy,  nothing is cherished and special.   No one day is different from the next, because there is no reason for one day to be special.  Or holy.   Or spiritually refreshing.

Imagine no rest from a world that is whirling too fast with too many things to deal with,  too much information, too many issues to deal with, too many decisions to make,    too many obligations,   too many little problems to solve,  too many fears to face.

3rd info
A world where human minds are full.  Full with unresolved issues.

3rd busy
And  a world where busy,  weary minds meet other busy weary minds — and there is no leisure to meet together – no one on one – no friendly silence experiencing the moment.   No time to really experience each other.

That’s a lonely world.    Even though it’s a busy world with many people,  it’s a lonely world.

3rd alone

It’s a world that is only superficially connected to others — and superficially, if at all,  connected to an idea of God.

“Imagine”  a world like this,  a world without “religion.”

Left to ourselves,  we would not often get around to dedicating one whole day to refreshing ourselves.    The Third Commandment  counteracts our chaotic world!      The Third Commandment offers us good rules:

Avoid all servile work,  cleaning up,  catching up on the chores,  buying and selling, all general busyness.
Keep  that sabbath day holy.    Visit the One who is holy above all else.   Commune with Him.  Bask in His Love.  Have confidence in His care.

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