( Global Rulers are demanding our money.   They’re in charge, because few will rise up and oppose,  even though only a minority of “scientists” and “popular opinion polls”   agree with their Scheme to justify their theft of money from good citizens of the world.)


The justification is that there is “climate change”  —  which I found discussed in my science books many, many decades ago  —  and that we must believe that human activities are suddenly responsible  and we must agree that a few of the countries of the world must be beaten down economically to “pay for”  aeons old climate change.   Originally it was “global warming”  and massive ice melts and ocean rises.

The man that They put into the chair of the president of the United States promised the American people that he would make the ocean waters recede — by seven inches worldwide !! — and that man promised that one of the ways he would do it is by “making our utility bills skyrocket.”      (His word, not mine.)

Skyrocketing utility bills?   Skyrocketing prices for electricity, heating, and air conditioning?

That’s the Plan for us proposed this week by the Barack Hussein person,  seconded by a strange religious “prophet.”

2 Marxists understanding each other

So “let’s do ice,”  because that is the most comical “evidence”  for man-made climate change.

CHART   Ice global sea iceSee the up and down blue lines on the chart?    That’s a record of the extent of global sea ice.  It’s how much ice has covered the globe from time to time — since 1979.   The chart’s curves do not match the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  No relationship between carbon dioxide and ice formation or ice melting.

Ice coverage tends to go up and down,  but remains about the same throughout the decades.   No rise in ocean levels.    No loss of ice for the polar bears.

ice polar bearThey know what to do in ice and in water.   Especially when their environment is not really changing!

Here is an aerial view of last year’s ice coverage in the Arctic region.   The Red line shows the average amount of ice cover.  The picture is from 2014.

Ice Aerial Average Ice Red lineNot much difference.     The polar bears are safe.     Shame to the elementary school teachers who caused some of their children to have nightmares about drowning, starving polar bears  (as reported in news stories).   Shame to the adults who believed the spurious science studies.   Shame to the adults who shrug their shoulders on the issue.

As undersea volcanoes increase, certain ocean currents warm up,  bringing warmer air;  therefore certain coastal glaciers recede, even as other glaciers are increasing, worldwide.     Carbon dioxide doesn’t make ice or melt ice.     It’s not the very small  amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,  less geologically speaking now than there has been in the past — before humans.

There is no global climate change.   The ice tells us that.

Mount Erebus, Antarctica

I guess the Barack Hussein person doesn’t have to work his magic on ocean levels.

And he really doesn’t have to cause our utility bills to rise — or cause large regions of this country to lose their means of making a living,  shutting down coal fields.

But he will try.

Because he has an agenda.   He has a Scheme.  He’s doing the bidding of our World Rulers.   He is well protected.  A man wo considers himself above the Law cannot be stopped.

And never has it been known that the public dares to defy its Caesar.

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