Heads-up  about Sweden.

This man could be one of my relatives —

viking manExcept modern barbers tend to “scalp”  the modern man.      Hiding their “strength,”  so to speak.    (Just kidding.)    (I think.)

For many centuries the Swedes had a strong civilization in every sense of the word.  Navigation, trade,  iron making, tool and weapon making,  boat building, jewelry of the finest worked gold and silver (which are found in museums today),   well-developed mythology and religion, a cohesive culture,  and of interest to us today,  a rudimentary idea of democracy in their  Ting (Thing).

And, oh yes —

viking general     —   they knew how to defend themselves.

Yes,  we know them as the Vikings today, from the last couple centuries of this period of time.     They were serious about defense.   They were serious about going after their enemies, and they were serious about strengthening their lands, sometimes by expansion.

viking chargeSo there was no international banking and investments and corporations and the “Art of the Deal”  and mergers and hostile take-overs —  methods we use today to “strengthen”  our national holdings.

No.  You’ve got an enemy.   You eliminate your enemy.

Your population is expanding.   You need more land.

You get more land by exploration, settling new-found lands — or by warfare and absorption of the people who live in the land you’ve just conquered.

Uh.   Not that I totally approve of all this.    But this was a fairly stable culture for many centuries,  even if the exquisite art work and metal industries were mixed with warfare   and,  again,  they knew how to defend themselves. 

Next,   after a century or two of killing any Christians who tried to move in and settle,  eventually a king became Christian,  and the Gospel “spread” more rapidly,  most likely in the typical whole-hearted but Viking way.   Sweden had joined Christendom.

They were in Christendom for just a few centuries, until the time of international commerce arose and the  merchants and a new generation of royalty took Sweden out of the Church and into the highly commercially successful but chaotic world of Protestantism.    Sweden then followed this new world right down into . . .  whatever was expedient for “getting along”  —  obedience,  tolerance,  dependence,   compliance;  whatever quality serves the authorities . . .  . Progressive liberalism.

This is Sweden today:

Sweden Fire

They’re not making war on anyone today.    Someone is making war on them.   They’re not defending their own country.   The magnificent qualities of self-determination, self-reliance,  and independence  is not apparent.     Is it gone?

Today Sweden is undergoing what future historians will be able to freely call an Invasion.       Invasion.  Takeover.    Conquering . . .   These are the kinds of words the Invaders themselves are using.    They are not hiding their intentions.  “This land is going to be ours.”   Some people in the Swedish government are permitting and defending these No-Go zones.

Map no-go(Map of No-Go zones released by Swedish police)

Of course, if you’re invading a country, you do it bit by bit.   Take ownership of one area after another — until you meet resistance.       I’m not Swedish by citizenship.  I’m firmly American.    But my ethnicity is one-half Swedish, I’m interested, and I’m alarmed for those who still live in Sweden.

The Invaders push in, with  force,  rioting,  bombings,  and the usual intimidations,  bullying,  criminal acts perpetrated on the Swedes,  using Swedish laws against the Swedes — and being paid by the Swedish taxpayers in the form of free apartments,  medical care, schooling,   and whatever other support the Swedish welfare system gives them.

Here’s a photo with a caption which states what is not supposed to be spoken out loud:

Swedish photo with captionsSwedish government officials,  and the media,  have an explanation for the tactics these Invaders are using.

Their explanation?

Swedes are xenophobic.     They just don’t like foreigners,  so those pesky Swedes are causing the rioting.

I have not presented even 1/100 of the difficulties that are occurring with these Invaders — whom we are supposed to call “refugees”  during this period of migration of Third World populations into Europe and America — propounded,  promoted,  and insisted upon by the U.N.

Sweden is only just one country.

The land where Vikings used to live.

Where have all the Vikings gone?

I haven’t forgotten my series on the Ten Commandments.    Perhaps this is a lead-up into the next Commandment.

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