Perhaps a good Rant about life and death of nation before I move on to the next Commandment,  which deals with death.

Moon of MuslimI wrote last time of the mass migration of Africans and “Asians”  (the code word for Middle-Easterners) into Sweden, and the violent crimes the Swedes are apparently accepting:  savage rape, gang rapes of Swedish women,  slashings,  killings,  riotings,  bombings,  armed robbery,  and outright theft of Sweden’s tax money . . .

I questioned why the Swedes are unable to stop the Invasion of their country by hostile “migrants,”  who,  by the way,  state their hostile intentions.

But I also alluded to the fact that “Sweden is only just one country,”  meaning that most European countries (and Canada and the U.S. )  are experiencing Invasion too,  so we all must pay attention to this U.N.  mandated mass migration.

Greeks were told they have to accept multitudes of foreigners into their islands. Here are recent scenes from their coastal ports . . . .

Migrants told greece okay

There are no resources to take care of this number of newcomers.

migrants spread islamThere are not enough “officials”  to register — or care for — everyone arriving.

migrants islamic women

Oh,  the  U.S.  isn’t receiving this mass migration through coastal ports,  but it is ongoing here;  fences, notwithstanding.

Migration surgeThe U.N.  not only tells the leaders of nations that they have to accept this mass migration,  but we MUST call these Invaders “refugees.”  They come from such chaotic countries.   They have so little food.  No way to make a living.  They suffer in their own homelands.

Astonishingly,  the answer is not to help these poor nations create things for themselves,   manufacture things,  produce things — all activities which would grow wealth for the citizens of these nations,  to use for food, medical care, build infrastructure for clean water, transportation — all reasonable and possible outcomes.

Astonishingly,  our Rulers’ answer is that these people “at the bottom”  must be poured into nations “at the top”  with the acknowledged result that this migration will bring DOWN  the top  by allowing the BOTTOM to plunder the wealth of the only nations who could have helped their own homelands!

Saul Alinsky, anyone?    In this marxist-socialist  economy,  the rich get richer, the poor get poorer — and dislocated —  and stable nations can no longer sustain this type of human migration — the vast Middle, where most of us live.  This is what that motto means:  Top down:   destroy the First World nations.   Obliterate their ethnicity.    Bottom up:    move Third World nations into First World territory.     Destroy the Middle — because in every nation,  the “Middle”  are the producers of the wealth of a nation.

Sheeesh!    I wish everyone could understand the process that is being perpetrated on us.   The more I read, the more horrors I find,  hidden by our entertainment-news media.

What happened when these same groups moved into Europe in the 7th century?    It wasn’t Scandinavia,  it was Italy and France and Spain.

They fought to defend themselves.  In the 7th century,   then 8th, the 9th, on and on….  the 16th century,  the 17th century.    They fought to defend themselves, their families,  their cultures, their nations, their God.    That’s why we have a Europe.  (See map below.)

Be clear:     When immigrants come into a country,  they intend to become part of that culture.

When invaders come into a country,  they intend to change that country into their own image.

How many languages now must an American school accommodate?   Hospitals?  Government agencies?    Again,  astonishing.

Who is saying First World Nations MUST NOT retain their unique identity anymore?

Here’s a close-up of a portion of that crowd entering Greece:

Migrants with Head scarves

Am I ranting needlessly?   Here are THEIR goals by the year 2020.

MAP of 2020 WorldFive years away.

Do you believe the Alinsky-ites?       Do we have no right to exist as who we are?   Are we guilty just for being who we are?    Do all the things our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents worked to achieve belong to these migrant invaders from other nations?

Alinsky says “Bring us down”   Top down.    “Bring them up by giving our things to them,  our land,  our culture,  our goods, our money.”

(Of course it is “us against them.”   Every nation is an “us”  but we all must play according to civil rules in world affairs.  And every “us” has a right to exist and defend itself against a hostile “them.”   I already explained how we can help the “thems.”)

With all the attention on these two extremes,  the Middle,  the  “most of us,”    will soon disappear —   as the modern Scandinavian descendants of the Vikings might be doing.    So far.     Or for as long as our World Rulers are able to carry out their plan to weaken stable countries  — and thus strengthen their Global Rulership.

Let’s consider the Fifth Commandment next.   See if we can sort out the difference between murder and killing; between what is a sin and  what is necessary.

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