Fifth Commandment:  “Thou shalt do no murder.”

Living and Dying:

In each moment, a man both lives and dies.    His life and death are one with him,  because the man living and the man dying is the same man.*

Your death is the sum total of your lived days.   Your life means something.   Your living is precious to you.

  However —

“Imagine,”  as popular culture has taught us to sing – and to believe –   “Imagine a world without religion,”  without guidance,   without values,   without purpose,  without definition.      Imagine, therefore, a world where living and dying have no ultimate reason — and it doesn’t matter if you live or die,  and it doesn’t matter if someone ends your life for you.

Without the vocabulary of religion there would be no universal and objective way to even speak about the worth of a human life qua human life —  each human being valuable because he is a human being.   All we would have is temporarily pursuasive rhetoric.

There would be no  distinction between kill and murder.

femursAnd without the Fifth Commandment,   it wouldn’t be long before it doesn’t matter who or how many get killed, as long as someone had some good reason to do it.

The Creator happens to agree with us.     Our own lives that matter so much to us also matters to God — and matters even more than we can know right now.    “We’ve been bought with a Price.”     That Price is the life of His Son.

“Do no murder.”        Our life begins and ends with Him.  Living and dying is His business.

* (I’m using English grammar, of course:  “when the sex of the subject can refer to male or female,  the male gender is used. ”  Surely a woman lives and dies, together,  at each moment.)

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