“Unless you become like little children . . . “

Ever-Laughing LIfe

Remember “Family Circus” ?    Fun comic strip; and the children were inadvertently wise.

While we’re at the half-way point on the Ten Commandments,  I wanted to clear up a couple of things about the way I’m writing about them.

First of all,  the little girl is right.   There is a God.   There is a Heaven.   And Heaven is a “happy” place.   Not sure we’ll be laughing all the time,  but for now,  here on earth,  we associate laughing with joy and pleasure, so a child who can appreciate  the desirability of laughter knows some important truth about Heaven.

Heaven is not for everyone.     If you don’t care about God now,  why on earth would you want to spend the rest of your existence  (after this life)  with Him?   Doesn’t make sense.   But there is only one alternative.  And it’s not a place of laughter.     We’ree told that most humans will find their way there,  by their own choice.

Who gets to judge what choice you’ve made?

Christ Judges

The God who is Great,  the God who is Good,  the God who is Love,  the God who is Judge —   When you stand before Him, a nanosecond or two after you die,   you’ll know if you’re following the fiery tube downwards.

Those who have laughed their way through their lives on earth will laugh no more.   Those who have laughed at the things of God,  will find no more things to laugh at.    False laughter, temporary laughter.

The Ten Commandments are no laughing matter.


Remember that beautiful afghan I wrote about,  that was made by my Mom with such love and care and her hopes that I would like it?


Stitch by stitch she created such a beautiful thing for me.  She didn’t intend that I put it away for years and years, with only  slight knowledge in my memory that she was the one who made it.   She didn’t intend for me to use it as a cleaning rag or as a carpet to walk on.   She didn’t intend for me to look at it and think how “old-fashioned” it is;  mock it, ridicule it.

It hurts to even write these words, because she made it and I love her so much.

That’s a good analogy for Creation — and our Creator’s intentions.   God lovingly “stitched together”   the beautiful universe and everything in it, and He loves the humans He made.      What then?     How can we know how we’re supposed to live this life?    One small way is learning the Manual of Moral Behavior:  The Ten Commandments.

So that’s Point One to clear up,  why I’m writing about these Commandments.    Do it God’s way.    Don’t choose to go to Hell.

(Take Pascal’s wager on that, if you have any doubts.)

Point Two is perhaps a minor point,  perhaps not.    The Ten Commandments were not numbered for us,  1 – 10.       In the Bible,  in Exodus 20,  they are a series of statements, or “words.”    Some have said thirteen statements,  which are traditionally arranged into ten important divisions.   Ten being the number that designates emphasis.   (THIS IS MY WORD FOR YOU!)

I use the original numbering of Christendom, because I am a Christian.    When a big portion of Christianity broke themselves off from the Church,  they needed justifications for their own ideas about Christianity.    One of the ways to emphasize their new-found differences is to re-number the Ten Commandments to bring out what they wrongfully promulgated;  that is,  iconoclasm,  not only don’t worship idols,  don’t have any at all.     (For some reason pictures were allowed.)

Renumbering effectively cuts off Christians from their past.   If you read the Early Church Fathers,  which you should, you will be confused about what Commandment they are referring to because the new numbering is different from what they used.   (This goes for the re-numbering and re-arranging of much of the Old Testament verses too.)

Slippery Slope

Tinkering with the numbering,   re-interpreting the Commandments,  ignoring the commandments in your daily choices  all build a Slippery Slope for us, leading down to . . .   you know,  that fiery tube.

So, I write about the Ten Commandments because they are for every human being and they’re no laughing matter (though Joy follows later for those who have patterned their lives after God’s moral teaching.).


3rd tab

God  exists and it’s our duty, as creatures, to worship Him.    But only Him.

Don’t blaspheme – or take lightly –  the Holy Name of God.    The  “Name”   means more than we can possibly understand.

Remember to keep the seventh day as a holy sabbath day of rest,  because Seven is the number of perfection with regard to Creation and God’s work in it;  and because the idea of a weekly rest keeps before our minds the Eternal Rest that  God is preparing for us for forever.

Honor your father and mother — and honor and respect all those who have authority over you.   Respect even evil leaders;  they are a just punishment allowed by God for an evil society.

Do not murder — do not kill the innocent,  the helpless,  the weak, or the sick,  from conception to natural death from sickness or old age.   All human life is precious.

There is true laughter  (Joy and Happiness)   that come with these Commandments.

Ready for the Sixth one?          . . . . .

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