Will interrupt the Ten Commandments with a joyful and proud tribute to our United States Marines!

Dad in Dress BluesThere’s one.   There’s a Marine.   That’s my Dad in his dress blues.    Impossibly young!   He was eighteen years old, a year and a half before I was born.

Well, today in France young Marines just like him did a heroic deed, saving many, many lives on a high speed commuter train.  It happened here in Arras:

MAP Marines hero“Always faithful” to their … duty,  one of them noticed a nervous passenger going into the train’s restroom.  A minute or so later, he recognized the sound of a weapon being loading.  Now,  I wouldn’t know what that sounds like if you loaded your gun in front of me,  but these are highly trained young men — and alert.

What the young Marines heard was the sound of magazines being loaded into a Kalishnikov.  The nervous man came out of the bathroom,  raised the Kalishnikov and opened fire on the passengers.   The Marines jumped into action, and though they were both unarmed,  they tackled the gunman and pinned him to the floor until the train stopped and the French authorities took over.

A couple passengers were injured.

Marines feet outThe authorities said the action of these two Marines prevented what would have been a bloodbath.   And why not?   Citizens are not allowed to carry guns.  They are sitting ducks wherever they go.

As I said,  they probably saved “many, many lives.”  Here are the magazines on the floor which could have produced a real massacre:

Marines targetLots of ammunition!    One of the young Marines was shot in the neck as he brought the gunman down,  but he will most likely be all right.

Congratulations —  and thank you to all Marines.   You make our world safer!!

Semper Fi !

Oh –  the gunman’s name is:     Ayoub el-Qahzzani

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