The Eight Commandment is another easy one to understand.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

It’s a little more than “just be honest,”   because our spoken words always have an effect on the people who hear us.     Others hear what we say;  or they overhear what we say;  or they will soon hear what we’ve said.    This Commandment tells us to  think of the welfare of others every time we speak.

Here are some remarks from some “ancient”  notes that I found in one of my old notebooks:

Words have meaning.  People have a right to rely on the truth of your words.

Words have power.    Words can mislead, misdirect, discourage,  wound, and kill.

Words affect other people.   Guard the reputation of other people in your conversations;  always give them the benefit of a doubt.

Our words should be  harmless,  informative, helpful, and maybe bind us together in friendship.

8 talking Jesus teaches that we should be simple and direct and honest in our speaking.    “Let your nay be nay and your no be no.”      

It’s a harsh warning of His that “what comes out of our mouth is what defiles us.”     If we have some inner compulsion to go on and on with our words,  we may have some “issue”  inside us —  a deficit;  a wound;  a resentment;  an insecurity;  or worse —  an intent to deceive or harm.

Go to the Great Physician.   With His willing help,  heal yourself before you launch your tongue out into the world.   If there is healing, peace, and love inside you,  your words will reflect that.

And the world will seem like a better place around you.

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