Here is another Commandment about the dangers of coveting –  wishing you had something that someone else has.   

The Ninth Commandment was all about fostering a climate of human love,  honoring and respecting other people and their lives, self-sacrificial love that makes families possible — and makes them happy!  (“Leave their wives alone!” the 9th Commandment says.)

This Tenth Commandment, however,  is about objects.   Things.   Property.

Who owns what?    Who has something you want?

10 babies Who’s got a better one?

Who’s got a bigger one?

10 little carGod is Good and wants what is good for us.   He wants the best possible life  for us.    He teaches us that “godliness with contentment is great gain.”    Great gain!     It’s to our advantage to be content with what we have.

And so He says: “Never mind.   Never mind what you don’t have.  Never mind if someone has something bigger, better, newer than you have.”

Don’t covet the belongings of your neighbor.   Be content.   Be at peace.  “Life does not consist in the abundance of things that a man has.” **

That’s it.

Bar Cross in middle

*(I Timothy 6:6)

** ( Luke 12:15)

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