Oh, you know me.   I love to drive across the Great American West!

I love each issue of my Cowboy magazine!   Here’s my newest issue:


The soft, firm  voice of Clint Walker (Cheyenne)   still sounds in my head:

Cheyenne on a horse

I liked his plain simple talk,  no extra words,  just saying what he means to say;   and always that quiet strength and certainty in his voice.     I admired that during my formative years.

Yup.     So it’s a “natural”  that I should listen to how a cowboy would talk about the Ten Commandments.     I found this many years ago;  glad I saved it all this time.

The page says:   “Folks in Texas have trouble with all those shalts and shalt nots in the 10 Commandments;   folks just aren’t used to talking that way.  So some folks in West Texas got together and translated the King James  into King’s Ranch language — and here we have the Ten Commandments Cowboy Style.”

  1. Just one God
  2. Honor yer Ma and yer Pa
  3. No telling tales or gossiping
  4. Git yourself to Sunday meeting
  5. Put nothing before God
  6. No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal
  7. No killin’
  8. Watch yer mouth
  9. Don’t take what ain’t yours
  10. Don’t be hankering for yer buddy’s stuff

Yup.   that’d about do it.

cowboy at prayer

That page with the Cowboy 10 Commandments goes onto say:    “I sure can’t  think that here in America it wouldn’t hurt to post these anywhere —   even in a courthouse.”

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