“Greek history” ?


                                               NOT QUITE !!

greek historyFootball season is underway  and the Spartans of Greek History move over for the Spartans of MSU!

It’s been a long, long wait — but I woke up today with the television telling me it has eight channels of 3 or 4 football games each!!    I can be “busy” until long after midnight today!

RBs, LBs, TEs — oh, all the rest.    Touchdowns.   Passes.   Tackles.    Stats.   Scores.  Analyses.      Favorite quarterbacks —


Of course, as usual around here,  my attention will be divided.

Unalloyed pleasure?      Can’t do that.     Can’t just “sit there” and watch the game.      I have to be “accomplishing”  something.   Sort of “divided attention.”        That’s the plan.     There’s the chart —


Each game I’ll make more and more progress, and a little guy named Cooper may have a little sweater sometime around mid-season.


If the Spartans play well I won’t have to deal with too many dropped stitches.

It will be a busy day here today, with a little NASCAR sneaked in between plays.

Tomorrow we start the schedule all over again — with the NFL!


I do hope your Fall is going to be as fun as mine.

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