Okay.   This is health.    Not so much a “small” issue,   but smaller, at least, than why we have the Ten Commandments and how they keep societies strong and stable like in the last two posts.

A few times the subject of “my favorite breakfast”  has come up, only to be met by raised eyebrows.   I feel I need to explain myself.   So recently,  I actually got a question with the raised eyebrows:  what do you mean “a garlic sandwich”?

So here’s the recipe.

Start by picking out some garlic cloves.  Maybe just two if it’s your first experience:   Many thanks to my good friend for surprising me with some garlic grown IN HER OWN GARDEN!      (A small miracle to me since I’ve tried – and failed – to grow my own garlic.)  Apparently home-grown garlic comes with “stems,” as you can see.


Then thinly slice the garlic cloves.  Very, very thin slices.


A sharp knife is such a joy to use.

Next, warm the slices in a pan of olive oil with  a little pat of butter.    Make sure it’s real olive oil, not the common grocery store kind which, we’ve discovered, is not exactly olive oil.    Olive oil is a food.   Pay enough for it.     Real.  Cold-pressed.   Extra-virgin.

The small amount of butter is so you can see when the oil is hot enough to sizzle.   That’s too hot.  Cool down the pan until the butter no longer sizzles.  Turn off the heat,  and then add the garlic slices.

 That’s the most impatient part for me.   Watching the slices gently heat up.    Sometimes you’ll have to turn the burner back on again, but just for a short while.   30 seconds maybe.   Hot enough to heat up, but not so hot that the garlic will turn bitter or sharp.   I’ve had the best luck when I’ve just walked away because I’m too fidgety,  then I remember the garlic and come back in twenty minutes or so, but five minutes may be enough time.   Nice warmed cooled garlic slices.

I used to crush the warmed slices with something flat and hard because crushing garlic releases the allicin — but isn’t that what teeth are for?    So I skip that step now.

Next,  toast some bread.   I use a flax and millet bread — that’s what the black dots are —  because modern wheat is not so good for us anymore, and I just feel better without wheat inside of me.   No, I don’t have gluten problem.  I have a wheat . . .  dislike.


Pour the warmed olive oil and garlic slices over the toast.    The oil will soak in wonderfully.    Use a knife or spatula to spread the soft,  warm garlic into the bread.

Then “close”  the sandwich and cut into four pieces.

 There’s a reason for that.  As you come to realize how good olive oil is for your body,  you’ll use more and more — and the small pieces of sandwich help control the dripping.   At least the whole thing isn’t dripping all over you.

I’ve never eaten one of these things without licking my fingers when its’ gone!

Garlic kills bacteria,  viruses, and fungus.   (fights colds and flu.)   It’s a great anti-oxidant.    Anti-inflammatory, I think.     It thins the blood, so watch your aspirin intake on the day you eat this.     It keeps all kinds of “bad things” away.    And the olive oil will keep you full and satisfied for a long, long time.

Gute apetit!


Tip:     don’t eat this just before you go out to do errands.

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