This really isn’t a small issue,  but it takes up only a small, tiny, minute part of our attention.

Unless you have a radiation detector, like I do.

It was a nice, rainy evening a few days ago,  the kind of rain that is good for lawns and gardens.   I don’t know what made me curious about that rain.   Maybe it had just been awhile since I last checked the radiation that “rains”  down on us during a downpour.

I have my detector set for Counts Per Minute.   20 – 30 Counts Per Minute is normal, everyday background radiation.    Someone wrote that 5 – 20 is normal.    My kitchen is usually around 15 – 18.       My outdoors is usually 20 – 35.

But when I heard all the “clicks”  coming from the meter, I knew something was different.    Again.   This rain was bringing down the Fukushima radiation from the high upper atmosphere right onto my back deck.

I repositioned the meter.

Then I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to be standing out there, getting soaking wet by that . . . rain.

I’m going to re-do my sidebars here on this Page.    I’m thinking of getting rid of the Fukushima news links.  The government has removed some of the charts, too.   Who wants to read about this anyway?      Who wants to read of all the dead fish, whole schools of fish gone;    sick seals and polar bears;  the “desert” places in the Pacific Ocean;  the poor starfish who get that “virus”  because their immune systems are so weakened, and then they just melt apart;   the cancerous lesions on the delicious Pacific coast salmon?

Recent headlines described animals and birds along the Pacific coast that were acting “disoriented”  and “delirious.”    Right before they died.     Larger sea fish and mammals are showing signs of starvation.     Some species have NO babies this year.

Inland,   in the Western valleys,  in Colorado,  in other areas where dairy cattle feed on grass — the organic “grass-fed” cows —  the grass has measurable amounts of elevated radiation . . . .

“Small issue” — because it gets only small attention.    We won’t fully know the effects for a few more years yet.

But we can’t stop the process.   The cores  (coriums)  have melted into the earth, in a real-life China Syndrome, and no one knows how to stop it.    The only thing the governments can do is say “We don’t see any danger here.”   The Japanese leader who eats Fukushima food live on television is now dying of cancer.

The process will stop in about a half a million years.   But how many other nuclear power plants are there?    How many of them are built along coasts and along  fault lines?    100 % of them are leaking.  Leaking into the ground water.    The water tables nearby are contaminated with tritium.       Most of them leak into the air, some at regular intervals for venting purposes.

And we’re building more nuclear power plants in every country.

Such a “small” issue.

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