Seems like this time last year I had to move all the contents of my house into the kitchen (and garage)  so that the new carpeting could be laid down everywhere else.

SAMSUNGNow,  I have had to move the contents of my kitchen into other rooms of the house.

It’s taken several days, and my bedrooms are completely unusable.   New counter tops and new cabinet wood.   I’m okay about the new cabinet wood,  it will lighten up the kitchen,  but I’m already missing the color of my counter tops.  I like that  white color.   I’m not sure I want a change.    Forty years of rolling out cookies for kids;  making colored playdough;    kneading bread dough, warm and soft under my hands;  chopping vegetables into little pieces for a healthy and hopefully good-tasting soup;    not to mention all the “scientific experiments” those counter tops have seen — and never a stain!

When those counter tops go,   a lot of my life goes with them.


At least I get to keep the brick splash board.    It matches the brick fireplace area on the other side of the kitchen near my computer area.

But . . .  a lot is going to be changed around here.

 I won’t be “gone.”   My kitchen won’t be “gone.”   My life won’t be “gone.”

But it just feels a little empty now,  the night before.

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