It’s called “Product Placement”  — you place a product or face in front of cameras, and you don’t say a word.  The image will do the talking — or rather the insidious whispering — for you.

It is said this “Famous Torturer”  enjoyed going into his prisons at the end of his day to watch his prisoners being tortured.   They lived in those foul, dark prisons for weeks, sometimes months,  every day in fear and in pain from the tortures they endured — and in terror that another session of torture would soon come.

Which it certainly did,  until they died.    No relief.  No care.   No change, until death.

And this “Famous Torturer” felt stimulated,  aroused, strengthened,  vindicated in some insane way by watching the tortures being done.    It was torture, not just for “information,”   but for the savage meanness of it.     Want some photos?   No.  use your imagination.   Every time I do that  —      . . .  No   —      These are real men, young men,  fathers, brothers, sons —   bodies mangles and abused.

This “Famous Torturer” was an important part of the revolutionary movement that overthrew governments in South America,  Argentina, specifically.    Cuba.     He was the Mass Murderer and Chief Executioner for Fidel Castro during the Cuban “revolution.”

The Leftists will tell you “If you want an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.”    The Famous Torturer broke quite a few human eggs in his torture prisons and in the “labor camps”  that he set up for Fidel Castro’s new socialist democratic paradise.

What ever became of this man?    This Famous Torturer and Mass Murderer?


Che photo  He became a hero to two or three generations of “children”  who were told he was a “freedom fighter”  for the Left!

It is said that very, very few who wear his image on their T shirts even know his real story.   They just blindly believe he must be a good guy — even though “he had to break  a few eggs.”       History has been kept hidden from university and  high school students.

But a T shirt instead.  It’s cool!

poster che guevara

So, you might ask,  why am I going on about this “hero”  of yesteryear?    I don’t often like to throw harsh things into The Spruce Tunnel.      (The martyrdom of Christians is ultimately a good thing, and not senseless brutality for an evil cause.)

Here is the reason.   The reason is Silence.    Cowardly or Misguided Silence.   I don’t know which.

Silence — which allows Product Placement to further the Cause of the Socialist Revolution.

che poster

Yes.  A Procession and a “Mass” by the marxist-trained pope —  with the image of Che Guevara  always in the camera’s background.   The marxist-trained pope from Argentina said not a word of rebuke;  not a word of admonishment to distance the Christian faith from such an evil hero.,

I said the  effectiveness of Product Placement, whether in marketing or political propaganda, is  well known.  And the less said about such image placement,  the better for the message.    Silence.   Tacit acceptance.

We have three whole generations now influenced by the revolutionary leftist radicals who want to “Transform”  the world.   The “Transformation of America”  is what was inflicted upon unsuspecting Americans a few years ago.  A Fabian sort of revolution, so far.

Che Guevara was stopped in his tracks in Bolivia.

But the socialist revolution goes on.      It goes on,  fed with our ignorance of history,  our freedoms fleeing.

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