The family is around me on my birthday.   Daughter and Cooper from California.    Son is present,  and close.   They all told me I can choose to do anything I want to do on my birthday.  And they would go along with it.

I started the day the way I wanted to.


A beautiful day with summer flowers still in bloom.   A meeting with God my Creator Who wishes to commune with me.   And has provided a unique and profound way,  found only here. . . .

He made me.   I want to give me back to Him.   And I did, this morning.    The morning of my birthday.

Second on the list of doing “anything I want to do”  was a trip to our Planetarium.

planetarium bldgWith the big Blood Moon scheduled for the night,   the Planetarium was a natural choice.

We saw a pretty neat program about a trip through our solar system.

 I took a screen shot of the ceiling while we were waiting for the program to start.    But we had to turn off our cell phone cameras during the awesome wild ride through the solar system.    Cooper loved the Planetarium experience and sang along with some the background music.

Next,  time for dinner.

 Anything I wanted for my birthday dinner?    An Old Chicago pizza!

Then home for a home-decorated cake —

 You would not believe how delicious this cake is!   Chocolate, yes;  but a deep, dark, rich, moist chocolate that all came together just perfectly.   I can make some pretty good chocolate cakes — but this one is the best-tasting I can ever remember.        Son was the baker.   (I don’t know who all were the decorators.)

The day ended with one more activity of my own choice:   A trip to our local corn field — in the deep dark night.    We stopped in the middle of a narrow country road and got out of the car with our binoculars, and the moon was already reddening.


Had to use a flash to get this photo.   We were stumbling around in the dark and  couldn’t see our hands before our faces.

I left my “good” camera at home —

 But that’s our very own Blood Moon.     I know there is some significant timing involved here,  the fourth Blood Moon of a tetrad of Blood Moons, and all falling on a significant Jewish holiday, with a history of significant world changes whenever this coincidental timing has happened before.

But — the outcome is in God’s hands.  He may surprise us with . . . nothing much.    It’s up to Him.

We were out there in the corn fields for an hour and half.   Awesome experience.

Awesome birthday.

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