These “follow-ups”   follow the posting about the Oregon shooter and the associated topic of martyrdom.

So much has been going on around here that I’ve misplaced most of my notes and references,  but a couple things I remember:

That evening after we heard about the Oregon community college shooting,  there were reports and several discussions about the fact that one of the shooter’s social media sites (did he have only one?)  had been entered five times after the shooting.  FIVE TIMES —   That would be after the shooting,  after he had committed suicide.

Who got into his social media site, and what were they doing to it?

Questioning 45

Maybe this is why the reporters had to wait so long for  the identity of the shooter.     Someone was  busy with his identity for a while.

A couple days later I began to hear the entertainment-news media say he was a “troubled” young man;”  a  loner;   disliked organized religion   (see,  not Christianity;  just religion in general).    And —  oh, yes,  a right-wing nut — admired Hitler ( a national socialist, not a conservative) and the IRA (a marxist socialist group,  not a conservative group)  , etc.;    and —   you could have predicted this:   He self-identified as a “conservative republican.”

Oh, yes.

One of those evil white conservative males.   And a Republican.

We even have two photos of him.  Choose your enemy.

mercer-cnn-420x315The cable-news-entertainment channel was caught doctoring his coloring.  They had a point to make, but they made it too obviously this time.

What about other news sources?

On his MySpace,  there are two “friends”  listed.  Two contacts.      One is an unidentified young woman.   The other is Mahmoud Ali Ehsani,  a publicly self-declared and open sympathizer with Islamic Jihadism.

I guess he had a “friend   who shared his hatred of Christianity.

There is more.

But behind it all,  the point to understand  is that whatever the tragedy,   whatever the criminal event that occurs,  this country is being gently nudged into believing right-wing or conservative or Republican or Christian or white male  are all bad signs.    You don’t want to be one of those.

It’s not  that this “troubled young loner”  was actually mentally ill, as his mother described him.    It’s not that once again we have a young man on  SSRI’s,  pharmaceuticals whose side effects are listed as Homicidal Behavior and Suicidal Behavior (on their package inserts),  and Lithium,  a chemical which “enhances”  the effect of the SSRI’s.

It’s the attempted attitude adjustment that is so apparent in the Official Story.   Our attitudes.    If we just hear the surface stories about an incident like this,  we’ll find ourselves “adjusted.”

Nudge, nudge.    Hate the conservatives.    Hate conservative Christianity.   Hate the right-wingers,  not the left-wingers.

As I keep saying,  Ask Questions!

Ask questions!   Form your own opinion!      Or else your “attitude”  will be “adjusted”  for you.

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