A change of pace:


Before we all completely leave the month of October,  I have a set of photos waiting on my Desktop for The Spruce Tunnel.

It’s Fall.   The acorns wait like slippery ball bearings on my lawn,  hiding in the grass and leaves.   A person can walk across the grass for a while, then suddenly start flailing his arms as he skids on a hard patch of acorns.   Amusing — unless you’re the one  doing the skidding.


The following photos are quite uninteresting;  rather bland, really,  but  what couldn’t be captured by my camera was the peace of the day,  the peacefulness of the neighborhood during my bike ride.    It was a good, normal,  peaceful day amidst the problems and concerns I was having this Fall.

And I was on a mission!

We’ve been supplied with a generous amount of acorns this year.    The squirrels are happy and visibly active all over the neighborhood,  so I thought this would be a good time of the year to catch a photo of our elusive family of ALBINO squirrels.    Albino squirrels are so white,  they have an total absence of color. They’re interesting to see, darting around like little patches of  squirrel-shaped non-existence.    They are mesmerizing to watch.

I found one a few blocks away,  scratching around right on the side of the street.    As soon as I remembered my camera and brought it out of my pocket ….   it disappeared into the low bushes.  I could hear him,  but he never reappeared.

So I took a picture of the bushes –  his hiding place.

 We have had a “late Fall,”   a late changing of the colors.   That happens sometimes.

Maybe I could capture an albino squirrel somewhere else.   Lots of pleasant houses around here.   It was a quiet afternoon,  but there was a  sense of quiet activity around the homes too.   This one was busy with Fall lawn maintenance trucks, tree  trimming and mowing.   People were at work.     A quiet neighborhood can employ a lot of people during the daytime.

SAMSUNGI rode by too fast for  good photos of all the trucks.

My mission went on.  I didn’t see as many squirrels of any kind as I thought I would,  but I did find some unidentifiable birds on someone’s front lawn:

Here they are closer up.  They’re unidentifiable to me, at least.     Heron sort of things?

Beginning the long downhill  road to home. . .

Free!   Free motion, no pedaling for a quarter of a mile.

 Near the bottom of that hill is a pretty little brook.

 The foliage was still heavy on this day,  and it’s  hard to capture unless the sunlight points just right into the opening.

It was an hour-long pleasant bike ride that gave me some real contentment.   Hubbie and I worked very hard to be able to eventually live in a quiet neighborhood like this.

At last I coasted down my own street,  with my own home up ahead.

 Didn’t need our cars today.      Once in a while we see the albino squirrels in our back yard.  I still had my camera ready so I went back there:

 In the back yard is our own litle brook,  babbling as it should over that little dam of rocks across the middle.

But no albino squirrels that day.

So,  here

bike 10 squirrel

I’ll give you someone else’s.   They really do exist!

I hope you can all slow down for a while, and enjoy your own neighborhood.   Enjoy a little search of some kind,  even if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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